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Benefits of Cancer Screening

Posted On: Dec 27, 2019

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Today, Cancer has become one of the major causes of death. More than a thousand people succumb to cancer every day. According to studies, oral and lung cancer are the most common diseases among men whereas breast and cervix cancer is most common among women. In most cases, people are not even aware of cancer till arriving at the stage of the disease where treatment can put the life at risk. Besides in most cases, signs and symptoms appear in the advanced stage of the disease. The main reason why the death rate due to cancer is increasing day by day is “lack of awareness and delay in treatment”. Hence it is very important to treat cancer before it arrives at its advanced stage, which can reduce the risk of fatality due to this “silent killer”.

Cancer screening aims at discovering the malignancy before symptoms appear. Cancer may develop in the patient even when he/she is feeling fine and having a healthy lifestyle (mainly due to any medical history of cancer). Screening tests can help prevent cancer by detecting changes in the body which may lead to cancer if left untreated.

As cancer is a by-product of an unhealthy lifestyle such as consumption of alcohol, drugs, etc., it is very important to have cancer screening on a regular basis to avoid the disease and also to follow a healthy lifestyle that may not lead to recurring cancer.

The main goal of cancer screening is to reduce the number of people perishing due to cancer and to eliminate the disease. Since treatment for the former stage is less aggressive than that for the advanced stage.

Our cancer screening packages are planned to take a better view of health and ascertain if there is any sign of cancer or not. Take a look at our cancer screening packages and defeat cancer, once for all.

Manipal Cancer Health Check for Men (Goa)

The package includes four investigations and three tests along with oncologist consultation or general surgeon consultation. To know the details about the package.

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Cancer Screening Package For Men (Vijayawada)

The package includes four tests and one oncologist consultation. To know the details about the package

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Cancer Screening Package for female (Mangalore)

The package specially customized for women consists of ten tests and three consultations. To know the details about the package.

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