Beware of healthcare scams
Beware of healthcare scams

Beware of scams implying association with Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals wishes to warn you about fraudulent activities that have been doing rounds in association with our name. Manipal Hospitals does not share payment links for advance payments for OPD consultations, vaccinations & diagnostics

Beware of any information being circulated via correspondents, e-mails, websites, text messages. These are facsimile, falsely stating that they are issued or in association with Manipal Hospitals or its officials. They may seek to obtain money and/or in many cases personal details from the recipients of such correspondence, are fraudulent.

  • Manipal Hospitals does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training) or other fee, or request information about applicants’ bank accounts.
  • Manipal Hospitals does not charge a fee at any stage of its procurement process (supplier registration, bids submission) or any other fee.
  • Manipal Hospitals does not request any information related to bank accounts or other private information.
  • Manipal Hospitals does not offer prizes, awards, funds, certificates, automated teller machine (ATM) cards, compensation for Internet fraud, or scholarships, or conduct lotteries.

Manipal Hospitals strongly recommends that the recipients of solicitations, such as those described above exercise extreme caution in respect of such solicitations. Financial loss and identity theft could result from the transfer of money or personal information to those issuing such fraudulent correspondence. Victims of such scams may also report them to their local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

Not an official document. For information only.


(Issued in public interest)

We are seriously concerned over instances where certain unscrupulous elements have sent invitations in various electronic and social media platforms luring public to sell their organs for money. We are even more concerned that such elements have used our name to make their invitations appear to be endorsed by Manipal Hospitals.

We hereby caution the public at large not to get carried away by such invitations by criminal elements who are using our brand, goodwill and reputation to lure gullible public to part with their organs. Sale of human organs is illegal in India and these are just schemes to entrap you into becoming a victim of illegal human organ harvesting and trafficking. Neither Manipal Hospitals as nor any of their doctors have ever issued such invitations. We request you to stay alert and report any such invitation at the address given below.

Your organs are priceless. Please don’t permit anyone to snatch it from you!

Please be aware that apart from manipalhospitals.com, manipalhospitals.co.in, lifesonmanipal.com and manipalhospitalsglobal.com we do not operate or endorse any other domains. It is essential to exercise caution and be vigilant regarding fraudulent websites and domains.

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