Best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore
Best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is also known as Physiatry or Rehabilitation Medicine. This speciality aims to provide a better quality of life to those with physical impairment and disability. This speciality focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of clinical conditions that lead to limitations in function. By restoring and enhancing functional abilities, Rehabilitation Medicine “adds life to years’.

Best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

Our team comprises dynamic multi-disciplinary professionals committed to providing the utmost care for each patient to achieve maximum rehab potential. The team, led by physiatrists include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech & language pathologists, rehabilitation nurses, dieticians, medical social workers and clinical psychologists.

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) Physicians or Physiatrists prescribe an individualized rehabilitation program to patients after a detailed clinical assessment keeping into consideration the patient’s needs.

  • Physiotherapists help patients regain maximum physical function enabling the individual to return to an active life as quickly as possible.

  • Occupational therapists help patients to achieve maximum independence and safety in daily living in the areas of self-care, vocational and avocational activities.

  • Speech Therapists help patients with disorders of speech, language function, swallow mechanism etc.

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Best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Manipal Hospitals provide a comprehensive multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program for all age groups. PMR department spans around an area of 6000 sq. ft. with state of art rehabilitation technology and skilled rehab professionals. 

We customise the treatment plan for every individual as per their felt need,  to promote recovery and help them to attain their fullest rehab potential. Our emphasis is on minimizing pain & suffering and maximizing functional outcomes in areas of mobility, self-care, communication, cognition and psychosocial adjustment for patients.

Manipal Hospitals is the best physiotherapy clinic in Old Airport Road, Bangalore having a multidisciplinary team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and other rehabilitation professionals who collaborate to provide exactly the care you need.

Scope of Services

  • Neurological Rehabilitation 

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation 

  • Intensive and critical care Rehabilitation

  • Pain management

  • Paediatric Rehabilitation 

  •  Geriatric Rehabilitation 

  • Cardio- Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Posture and Ergonomic lab

  • Sports injury Rehabilitation

  • Cancer Rehabilitation 

  • Hand Rehabilitation 

  • Amputee Rehabilitation

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation

  • Foot injury Rehabilitation 

  • Renal rehabilitation

  • Lymphedema Clinic

  • Antenatal and post natal clinic

  • Speech therapy, swallow & Language pathology services

  • Post Covid Rehabilitation.

  • Palliative / End of life care 

  • Video consultations(Tele-Rehabilitation) 

  • Home care services for Rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists address the illness or injuries that limit a person's ability to move and perform activities in their daily lives. 

They focus on managing pain and limitations which affect physical functions. They utilize a set of different interventions in the form of exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance & coordination and optimise the function.


  • PRIMUS (Functional trainer)

  • Biodex Gait treadmill trainer/Gait training quantifier

  • Biodex Unweighing unit for walking training

  • Automated Sensor-based Bicycling ergometer

  • Functional electrical stimulator

  • Biodex Balance assessment and training

  • Virtual reality

  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing(CPET)

  • Biofeedback training

  • Nautilus Gym equipment,

  • Foot scanner

  • Ultrasound Therapy (UST), 

  • Wax therapy  

  • Lympha press

  • Interferential therapy (IFT)  

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS), 

  • Cervical and Lumbar Traction

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help in regaining functional independence in patients of all ages who exhibit impairments in physical, psychosocial or cognitive function.   

They perform a detailed assessment of developmental milestones in infants & toddlers, the performance of activities of daily living, and functional & cognitive abilities. 

Facility and service provided:

  • ADL (Basic & Instrumental) retraining

  •  Motor skill retraining (Gross and fine) 

  • Splinting 

  • Wheelchair assessments and modifications

  • Home task and activities management

  • Prevocational and vocational rehabilitation

  • Sensory-integration therapy

  • Cognitive & Behavioural Therapy for ASD 

  • Falls prevention & Energy conservation

  • Home modifications

Speech & Swallow  Rehabilitation

The Speech, Swallow & language pathology services at Dept. Physical Medicine Rehab, Manipal Hospitals provide assessment and treatment to patients'  Communication (Speech/Language), Swallowing and feeding difficulties. This speciality is also popularly known as Speech-Language Pathology.

Patients of any age range can be affected by speech, language & swallowing difficulties. Timely diagnosis and suitable treatment are the recommended ways to manage these conditions.

Best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospital hosts equipment and facilities that are appropriate for the rehabilitation treatment of patients. The physiatrists at Manipal are experts who are trained to design comprehensive and patient-centric treatment plans. We use cutting-edge technology with the latest advancements to assure time-tested treatments that provide maximum function while improving the lives of our patients. We treat all age groups from infants to elderly patients who require special care.

We have designed a system in a safe environment that allows for easy learning, especially for retraining lost skills.


  • Our rehabilitation medicine services follow all relevant universal construction and design standards required by the country. Our infrastructure allows wheelchair access to all hospital areas including dining rooms, therapy areas, wards, and toilets.

  • A physiotherapy treatment area with ample space is always available for general exercises, gymnastics, gait training, and recreational activities.

  • We also have an occupational therapy area that includes space for all group activities. We provide facilities for laundry and kitchen training as well.

  • A heated hydrotherapy pool is available on-site for people with disabilities.

  • Apart from all this, accessible calling systems for nurses and other environmental control systems are set in place for therapy or bed spaces and especially for common areas. Based on the needs of every individual patient, special equipment with assistive technology is readily available or immediately arranged.  

  • Handholds and rails are present in all corridors, stairs, bathrooms, and ramps to ensure people with disabilities can move around freely and safely.

  • Private spaces are allocated for patient use and their families or other visitors when they aren’t undergoing therapy. A meeting room is also available which is used for case conferences or family meetings.

  • We provide complete support information for insurance and support schemes for disabled patients to ensure they can make informed choices about services or equipment required to meet their personalized needs.


  • ADL (Basic & Instrumental) Retraining

  • Motor Skill Retraining (Gross and fine)

  • Prevocational & Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Sensory-integration therapy & Feeding Management in Children with Sensory Issues

  • Cognitive & Behavioural Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Dysphagia Management - Post Tracheostomy, Post Oral Reconstructive Surgery, and in Disorders of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract

  • Oral Motor Therapy for Pre-term Neonates

  • Communicative-Cognitive Therapy Post Stroke/TBI

  • Functional Communication Training

  • Executive Functions Training

  • Response Elaboration Therapy

  • Word Retrieval Therapy

  • Melodic Intonation Therapy

  • Semantic Feature Mapping-Treatment

  • Fluency Shaping & Modification Therapy

  • Articulation Therapy for Speech Sound Disorders

  • Speech Intelligibility & Contrastive Stress Drills in Dysarthria

  • Child Language Intervention & Language Stimulation Counselling

  • Parent-Child Communicative Interaction Counselling