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About Our Home Health Care Services

At Manipal Hospitals, we care for our patients and this novel initiative will help us extend our reach beyond the hospital premises. We believe that a lot of patients around the world do not receive timely assistance especially when they need it the most. These home health care services attempt to bridge this gap between us and our patients.

Home healthcare services are unique in nature as they provide one-on-one or personalized care and this leads to a strong bond being formed between the professional caregiver and the patient. Moreover, it becomes easier for the professional to assess the needs of the patient and thereby help serve them better. The major benefit of home care is that the patient and their loved ones can be in a comfortable and familiar environment. Studies suggest that being in the familiar surrounding can aid recovery in certain cases. It is also incredibly cost-effective as you can cut down on travel costs and other miscellaneous expenditure. Also, as the home care services generally charge on an hourly basis for nursing, it can be substantially cheaper than a nursing home.

Some of the in-home healthcare services provided include a range of different services such as Home sample collection, nursing, physiotherapy, critical care packages and medical equipment on rent or for sale.

Lab sample Collection: Home sample collection as the name suggests is a service wherein trained phlebotomists comes at your doorstep to collect the samples for the purpose of diagnostic tests. You can now monitor your health effortlessly and the reports will be delivered to your doorstep.

Nursing: You can now avail 24/7 nursing facility in your home at the click of a button. These nurses have substantial expertise as they are adept at administering medication, operating medical equipment, monitoring, assessing the patient’s condition etc. Their duties also include maintaining records of the patient and providing the doctor with the details of the patient’s medical condition. Furthermore, they also provide information on self-care after their treatment.

Trained attendant: Trained professionals help take a major load off your shoulders as they continuously assess the condition of the patient and inform the family about the same. The trained attendants also help with all the daily activities such as personal grooming, feeding, medication, movement, etc. and monitor general health conditions such as heart rate, sugar levels, and blood pressure.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy can help with physical rehabilitation in case of paralysis, joint problems, severe back pain, frozen shoulder, Parkinson’s or any sports-related injuries. You can now receive personalised care in the comfort of your home from certified professionals so that you can have a speedy recovery.

Critical Care Services: If you require long-term care at par with the hospital ICU standards and prefer to recover at home, it is feasible with the critical care service. For this purpose, the ICU infrastructure is created at home and ICU-trained nurses along with medical assistants are appointed to provide you with top-notch care and 24/7 monitoring.

Equipment Rental and Sale:You can now purchase or rent medical equipment for a number of different purposes such as respiratory, mobility, cardiac, orthopaedic and mother-baby care and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

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