About Our Home Health Care Services

At Manipal Hospitals, we care for our patients and this novel initiative will help us extend our reach beyond the hospital premises. We believe that a lot of patients around the world do not receive timely assistance especially when they need it the most. These home health care services attempt to bridge this gap between us and our patients.

Home healthcare services are unique in nature as they provide one-on-one or personalized care and this leads to a strong bond being formed between the professional caregiver and the patient. Moreover, it becomes easier for the professional to assess the needs of the patient and thereby help serve them better. The major benefit of home care is that the patient and their loved ones can be in a comfortable and familiar environment. Studies suggest that being in the familiar surrounding can aid recovery in certain cases. It is also incredibly cost-effective as you can cut down on travel costs and other miscellaneous expenditure. Also, as the home care services generally charge on an hourly basis for nursing, it can be substantially cheaper than a nursing home.

Some of the in-home healthcare services provided include a range of different services such as Home sample collection, nursing, physiotherapy, critical care packages and medical equipment on rent or for sale.

Manipal Tests at Home
Equipped with NABL certified labs, advanced state-of-the-art diagnostic Equipment, and well-qualified technicians, we assure you credible and accurate blood results. On booking a diagnostic test, our well trained and certified phlebotomist will visit you at your home and draw blood samples hygienically following all standard safety measures owing to the pandemic. Get your pathological test results at home within 24 hours on our website or will be sent to you via email or SMS to your registered mobile number. Get home sample collection from home by trained technicians at minimal prices.

  • Blood Investigations

    • Our wide range of blood tests include
      • Routine blood tests- Keeping track of your health.
      • Fasting blood tests - Some tests like lipid profile, diabetes, liver profile, and kidney functioning, require fasting blood levels.
      • Chemotherapy blood tests - As cancer patients, to keep track of your health status pre-and post-chemotherapy, you can get these special blood tests done.
      • Pre-surgical evaluation blood tests - As part of your pre-and post-surgical protocol, you need certain tests to rule out any infection or medical condition.
      • Post hospitalization diagnostics - After being discharged, your follow-up care includes an array of tests to ensure a speedy recovery.
      • Transplant diagnostics - You need to get these tests done pre-and post-transplant surgeries to reduce the risk of organ/graft rejection and complications.
      • Immunity Check Program - Understand your current immune status by getting all the necessary tests to stay prepared during the pandemic.

  • Diagnostic Services
  • Manipal is offering user-friendly home diagnostic services that will reduce your queue time at the hospital and ensure that you get the best of services within the comfort of your own home. This will also help to navigate through pandemic days as well.

  • Home Cardiac Monitor
  • The cardiac monitor will help monitor your heart’s functioning. Get this test done at the convenience of your home using the ‘Holter’ or ‘Web Cardio’.

    • Holter -A battery-operated portable device used to record your heart rate and rhythm for 24 hours or up to 5 days.
    • Web Cardio - A wireless multi-day cardiac/ECG patch to record the functioning of your heart. The patch will be put for 3-7 days depending on your doctor’s advice.

    Manipal Home Physiotherapy Services
    Physiotherapy is a great way to seek relief from long-standing pain affecting the shoulders, back, knee or neck. It is also recommended post-surgery physiotherapy/exercise in arthritis, neurological disorders, and while recovering from a sports injury. Our physiotherapy services are now available at the comfort of your home. Our certified and experienced physiotherapists are trained to provide personalized care in restoring mobility and relieving pain and work under the guidance of the expert medical team at the hospital.

    Manipal Home Vaccination Services
    Vaccinations are crucial for one’s health and missing out on these increases the risk of several life-threatening infections and their related complications. Vaccination services at your doorstep keep you and your loved ones safe. Manipal brings home a stress-free vaccination experience at your time and convenience. All adult and kids vaccines will be administered with a prescription from your physician or via video consultation.
    *Covid vaccines will be administered at the hospitals, and vaccine drives will be conducted at the corporate and apartment premises.

    Manipal Pharmacy Home Delivery Services
    Manipal brings medicine delivery services to your doorstep. The process of ordering medicines is hassle-free, convenient, and the medicines are delivered on time. Once you order your prescription of medicines, the prescription is sent to a doctor before despatching the medicines.
    Manipal Pharmacy home delivery will help to stay away from the crowd.

    Nursing Care at Home

  • Short term Nursing care
  • Manipal Hospitals offers a comprehensive care package for quick recovery post-discharge.
    Get care and support at the comfort of your home even if you require it for a short period of time.

      Our expert team of nurses will provide
      • IV Infusions- Intravenous (IV) therapies for improving blood volume.
      • IInjections- Intramuscular, intradermal, and subcutaneous based on your doctor’s advice.
      • Bladder Wash- Cleaning the bladder using solutions to prevent infections.
      • Catheterisation- Inserting a urinary catheter to relieve symptoms of urinary retention and spinal cord injuries.
      • Chemotherapy- Chemotherapy treatment protocols include inserting a catheter, port, or pump into a large vein and administering medicines.
      • Colostomy Care/ Bag Change: Dressing and changing the colostomy pouch.
      • Drain Care- Cleaning and dressing the drain at the surgical site in a postoperative patient.
      • Wound Dressing- Cleaning and dressing the wounds to prevent infections and promote faster healing.
      • ECG (without interpretation)- ECG monitoring helps record electrical signals in your heart and detect heart problems.
      • Enema- Injecting fluid into your lower bowel via the rectum to promote stool evacuation.
      • Ryle’s Tube- Cleaning and changing the Ryle’s tube. Insert a new tube whenever required.
      • Staple / Suture Removal- Dressing and cleaning of post-surgical scar or wound. Removing the staple or the suture gently to avoid infection and hasten to heal.
      • General Vitals- Routine monitoring of vitals like body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure.

  • Long-term Nursing care
  • For a more chronic illness or a critical injury, you may require round-the-clock monitoring. Manipal brings to you 24-hours stay-at-home nursing care.

      Our expert team of nurses will provide
      • Ryle’s tube feed- Feeding the patient using a nasogastric tube when he/she cannot swallow or eat properly.
      • Tracheostomy Care- Cleaning and dressing of the tracheostomy tube to prevent infections.
      • Injections- Intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous.
      • Wound Care Dressing- Non-healing wounds will be cleaned and dressed by experts who are specialized in different types of the wound dressing.
      • Basic Nursing Care- Complete expert care to make you feel relaxed and get better soon.
      • Stoma, PICC Line, Chemo Port Care- Special care and attention to cancer patients for their cancer therapy protocol.
      • Critical Care Nursing- Comprehensive ICU-like facilities for patients who require intensive care on a long-term basis.
      • Catheter Care- Inserting a urinary catheter and cleaning and emptying the urine bag.
      • Vital Monitoring- Patients who need continuous monitoring of body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure. Nebulisation: Patients with respiratory tract conditions require frequent nebulisation.
      • Oxygen Administration- Oxygen therapy for patients with increased metabolic demand and lung illnesses.
      • Standard Precaution & Infection Control- Prevent the transmission of diseases and infections via contact with blood, body fluids, mucous membranes, etc. with these standard care protocols.

    Nursing Attendants at Home
    We also offer trained nursing assistants to chronically ill patients at the comfort of their homes at an affordable price.

  • Post-hospitalisation Care
  • Home-based Oncological Care
    • Wheelchair Mobilisation
    • Sponge Bath
    • Serving and Assisting in Food
    • Hair, Oral, and Nail Care
    • Position changing

    Doctor Visit at Home
    We understand that sometimes it can get difficult to shift some patients to the hospital in case of an emergency, especially in the current pandemic situation. To deal with the same, we are providing doctor consultation at home and treatment by our medical team right at your home with prior appointments.

    Equipment Available (Rent/Sale)
    Last but not least, we are also providing branded, high-quality equipment which includes respiratory, mobility, or general equipment for rent or sale at your home, at an affordable cost.

    Covid Care Services

  • Manipal Home Isolation Program
  • Due to the spurt in COVID-19 cases and the rising burden on hospitals, home isolation is recommended for patients with mild symptoms and those who are asymptomatic. We at Manipal hospitals are offering various home isolation packages for both adults and children to ensure speedy recovery within the comfort of your home.

  • Home Isolation Services
  • RT PCR – Test at home

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