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Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine Treatment Hospital in Bangalore

Laboratory medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the quantitative measurement, or qualitative assessment, of any substance which can be assayed in any type of biological fluid for either medical or research purposes. It finds a wide variety of applications in improving the health and healthcare of patients. From measuring cholesterol levels to determining a patient’s risk for cardiovascular disease and sequencing the DNA of tumours to help decide the best choice of chemotherapy, lab medicine is used everywhere. At Manipal Hospitals, we have a specialized team of medical technologists and technicians, pathologists, lab assistants, and chemists who have years of experience in providing the utmost quality of healthcare.

Laboratory Medicine Services Treatment


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Why Manipal?

With experienced physicians and pathologists, Manipal Hospital’s laboratory medicine department is world-class. We offer lab testing and consultation services for various specialties. Our laboratory medicine is renowned for providing cutting-edge clinical care, incredible biomedical research, and impeccable pathology results. The department has a history of providing testing services for diagnostic and therapeutic evaluations. Book an appointment to consult with the experts. Lab medicine department also provides consultation services to the following specialties:

  • Liver pathology

  • Hematopathology

  • Gynaecologic pathology

  • Cytopathology

  • Cardiovascular pathology

  • Transplant pathology

Laboratory Medicine Services Treatment Bangalore


Laboratory medicine is used by doctors all around the world to determine and validate their diagnoses. At Manipal Hospitals, our Laboratory medicine department, is equipped with cutting-edge, imported clinical laboratory test equipment from Siemens and other well-known manufacturers. We offer a full range of laboratory tests encompassing all key disciplines, including clinical pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, haematology, histopathology, cytology, immunology, molecular biology, and genetics. Managed by a team of highly qualified specialists, we are experts in delivering accurate and timely reports for all patients.Visit our best multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore to know more about Laboratory medicine.

Laboratory Medicine Services Treatment Bangalore

Facilities & Services

The procedures at our laboratory medicine department help physicians carry out the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients. The laboratories are handled by medical technologists also known as clinical laboratory scientists. They are trained to perform various tests on samples of biological specimens collected from their patients. The testing is done in a logical and strict manner. All the steps and phases of the testing process - pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical, are clearly written for guidance. 

We at Manipal Hospitals offer high-quality diagnostic testing. In addition to providing value to individual patients, our lab medicine department is used for screening and surveillance of diseases important to public health. On a bigger scale, relevant test results can be used as surrogate indicators to assess the progress of public, international and global health programs.


Some lab tests require you to fast beforehand. If your healthcare provider orders a fasting test, you should not eat or drink any liquids, except for water, for 12 hours prior to the test. Two common fasting blood tests are glucose and lipid panel.

A medical laboratory, sometimes known as a clinical laboratory, is a facility where tests are performed on clinical specimens to gather data on a patient's health for the purposes of illness diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

The different sections in the medical laboratory are bacteriology, virology, parasitology, immunology, and mycology.


The Head of the Department (HOD) of Laboratory Medicine is the head of the specialty.


Laboratory medicine is responsible for utilizing samples of fluids or tissues from patients to identify evidence of disease or medical conditions. It helps doctors determine and validate their diagnoses and devise a proper treatment plan. Hence, it is very important to have a laboratory medicine department in all the hospitals.

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