Steps Towards Organ Transplant

Posted On Dec 27, 2019

Department of Organ Transplant

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The time between getting into the waiting list and transplant surgery is the most critical time. It may happen that you have to wait for more than a month or a year for your transplant surgery. So, it is very necessary to utilize that time and prepare yourself mentally, physically and financially for the life changing surgery.

Set yourself

Getting mentally prepared for the surgery is very important as mental stability is one of the features which leads to a successful transplant. Stay in touch with your transplant’s psychological team in order to understand the expectations which you should have. Sharing thoughts can help your healthcare team understand with what you are going through and how to prevent yourself from depression.

Along with sharing thoughts and needs with your team, it is also very important to talk to people who have gotten an organ like one for which you are waiting for. It will help you to adopt an optimistic attitude towards transplant. You will also get an idea of organ transplant and how it will change your life through their experience.

A Change in the Lifestyle

Organ transplant is something which can change your lifestyle completely so it is very important to get in the comfort zone from the very beginning. It will help you to get adjust to the lifestyle which you will have to carry to maintain the health of the new organ after the transplant. So follow the lifestyle recommended by your team with some substantial changes like quitting smoking.

Financial stability for organ transplant

Without any doubt, whatever the organ, transplants are quite expensive but not more than your life. So, it is very important to have a detailed information about the cost of surgery. As insurance coverage varies widely, the patient may face some issues with it.

Usually, the transplant center provide all the details about what you will get under your insurance policy. Apart from that, you can check directly from the insurer about the details of the plan’s benefits. You can also talk to your transplant team to help you with any other possible sources of coverage.

If you decide to take the arrangement of the fund into your hand, then get advice from the transplant team and your accountant so that you can arrange the fund accordingly.

Ask your doctor

There will be a lot of questions which will arise in your mind about organ transplant like when you’ll get to know if an organ has been found; the answer to which depends upon the availability of the organ in the organization as well as the organizational policies.

Below are few of the questions which you should ask your doctor:

  1. What are the risks and benefits of organ transplant?
  2. How does the organ transplant waiting list work?
  3. What is the success rate of organ transplant, particularly the one which you will get?
  4. How many surgeons will operate on your organ transplant?
  5. How long will you have to stay at the hospital after transplant?
  6. What tests will be needed and for how long? Etc.

Pledge your organs today and save a life. Nothing can make you happy as much as giving a life can.

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