Organ Donation has Become An Essential

Posted On Dec 28, 2019

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Organ transplant becomes the only option for the last stage organ failures. An estimate indicates that in India alone annually about 5 lakh people die every year because of non availability of organs. Another shocking stat is that 90% of the people in the waiting list die without getting an organ. Almost anyone can donate organs regardless of their age. Further, such an act done in selflessness is a truly noble one. It also reflects a socially responsible individual.

There are basically two kinds of transplant donation that can take place:

  1. Organ and tissue donation after death
  2. Living donation (while the donor is alive)

The organs that can be transplanted are heart, lung, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Tissues that can be transplanted include the corneal, heart valves, skin and bone tissue.

Some of the reasons people need transplant are

1. Structural abnormality

Some individuals are born with an abnormality like a congenital heart defect. Biliary Atresia is one the most common reasons why a child might need a liver transplant – it is because the bile duct has failed to develop.

2. Born with a Disease

Diseases such as cystic fibrosis may cause an organ to fail.

3. Developed an illness

Some people are unlucky enough to contract a disease that could result in an organ failure.

As per a recent research, organ transplants have ameliorated in the past in the last 2 decades. When faced with life and death scenarios and you end up depending completely upon something outside your control, the importance of transplants will become very evident. There comes the need for an organized transplant network. National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) is a National level organization set up under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, that has been mandated as per the Transplantation of Human Organs (Amendment) Act 2011.

For example, in Bangalore alone, between 1971 and 2014, there were more than 1600 kidney transplants that were done in different hospitals. You should always judge the Top transplant centre in Bangalore based on the swiftness with which they are able to meet the needs of the patients through their contacts. Do not forget that surgeons play a key role in ensuring that the whole process is very smooth. Especially, when it involves transportation of the organ from one place to another the best surgeons in Bangalore play a crucial role.

Therefore, lending your organs will not only be an emotionally satisfying act but also a socially responsible one. Well, of course, every individual is free to choose but those in need of organs hope that you choose well.

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