Myth and Reality of Total Hip Replacement

Posted On Dec 23, 2019

Department of Orthopaedics

Manipal Hospitals

Hip replacement is a surgery that replaces diseased parts of the hip with artificial components. Parts of the hip is removed and fixed with artificial devices to improve hip function, increase mobility and to top it all relive excoriating pain.While hip replacements are safe and more viable options, people generally have certain myths associated with the surgery. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Myth – Over weight/Obese patients cannot undergo hip-replacement surgery

Reality – Wrong. Medical science had advanced beyond human imagination and surgeries can be performed even on obese patients. Although it was traditional teaching that outcomes of joint replacement in obese patients are inferior to those in normal population newer studies show virtually the similar pain relief and outcomes in both class of patients and most of them end up losing significant weight as they adopt an active lifestyle after surgery.

2. Myth – Hip replacement happens when you get old

Reality – Not necessary. While the maximum recorded cases are above the age group of 60 plus, a lot of people in the age group of 20-40 are also suggested replacement surgeries. With improved implant technology, younger patients have less risk of needing repeat surgeries.

3. Myth -Post hip replacement, the patient is advised to be on rest and not exert pressure on joints
Reality- False. Any patient who has undergone hip replacement needs to continue doing low impact physical activity. Excessive weight damages joints and makes walking difficult, lack of physical movement in turn further increase weight and augments arthritic conditions.

Dr Sunil Gurpur Kini
Consultant Joint Replacement/Arthroscopy/Adult Reconstruction
Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore
Senior Fellow (Hip and Knee)- London,United Kingdom
Fellow(Hip and Knee)- Sydney,Australia
Fellow(Arthroplasty)- Germany
Fellow(Adult Reconstruction),Singapore

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