When You Quit Smoking

Posted On Dec 27, 2019

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Manipal Hospitals

Research has indicated that an ideal smoker starts to go through symptoms of withdrawal as early an hour from the time he puts down his last cigarette. It is said that the person could go through anxiety, sadness and difficulty concentrating, within the first three hours.

The above infographic provides you a detailed understanding about what are the different advantages that one might have when they stop smoking. This is a tentative schedule and could differ on an individual basis.

As mentioned in our blog on Risks of Second Hand Smoking, smoking itself raises multiple risks that are shared and sometimes accentuated in passive smokers. While a regular smoker ingests nicotine and tar only from the cigarettes he/she uses, those in the vicinity of these ‘regulars’ end up being subjected to a larger amount of these toxins due to the density of suspended particles in the air (which are smaller in side-stream smoke and hence stay airborne longer) from multiple smokers, which adds to the existing pollution in the air.

Therefore, when you stop smoking you not only help yourself, but your neighbour also. So, Quit Smoking Today!

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