8 Warning Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is basically attributed to the improper intake of insulin by your body. Improper insulin functioning in the body often causes the glucose levels to accumulate in the blood, thereby increasing the blood sugar levels in the body. This leads to type 2 diabetes, whose symptoms often go unrecognized. Listed below are few warnings signs and symptoms of potential type 2 diabetes in the system.

1. Frequent urination

This is basically due to the kidneys reacting towards the discharge of excess sugar levels in the blood through urination. This is marked by incessant urination coupled with longer urination duration, indicating a risk of type 2 diabetes in the body.

2. Greater thirst

Frequent urination causes a lot of water discharge from the body. This reduces the optimal water levels in the body, increasing your thirst factors accordingly. If your skin often feels dry, especially your mouth and you simply can’t get to quench your thirst, there is a potential problem before you.

3. Weight loss

The absence of optimal levels of glucose to your body cells causes them to age and die over a period of time. This leads to indefinite weight loss characteristics, thus redirecting you to impending risk of type 2 diabetes in your system.

4. Hunger pangs

If you happen to have hunger pangs lately, this is probably due to the insulin resistance in your body. The insulin does not function well with the muscles which ultimately put a pressure on your pancreas to create more insulin, thus creating greater starvation in the body.

5. Numbed nerves

Popularly called as the diabetic neuropathy, this ill condition is basically caused due to type 2 diabetes in the body. The nerve cells start to get numbed out especially in the feet, which further progress towards your upper levels of the body. This condition often turns out quite painful to the particular individual as such.

6. Infection prone health

The presence of high blood sugar levels in the body often exposes the body to bacteria and fungus which invade your body creating specific infections and allergies. More importantly in women, there is one specific case of vaginal infection which might prove quite dangerous to the overall health accordingly.

7. Blurred vision

The lens of the eye is usually flexible in nature. However, with high levels of blood sugar in the body, this flexibility is reduced to quite a significant extent. This often causes the optimal adjustment of the eye to the various visual effects outside, proving for a blurred vision on the overall.

8. Frequent headaches

This particular symptom is definitely the most important warning sign which marks the onset of type 2 diabetes in the individual’s body. Often caused by the reaction of the various organs due to imbalanced body glucose levels, headaches are indeed a serious sign of concern.

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