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5 Ways Your Break Up Can Affect Your Heart Health

Posted On: Dec 23, 2019

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Usually, a break-up is associated with just some emotional and mental stress, however, did you know, heart health facts clearly state that it could also be impacting the condition of your heart. While the broken heart is more of an emotional low feeling, it could suddenly become a threat to your heart. Hence, it is important to keep your heart strong by doing heart health exercises and following heart-healthy diet recipes to keep the heart healthy and strong.

1. Broken Heart Syndrome

A broken heart syndrome is one of the common effects of an intense breakup or fallout of a relationship. The symptoms of a broken heart syndrome are very similar to those experienced during a heart attack or a stroke. Common symptoms of a broken heart syndrome include pain in the chest, breathlessness, irregular heartbeats and sudden weakness and fatigue.

2. Stress

There is emotional and mental stress that is caused by a broken heart, some of which we as individuals are even unable to cope with. This stress when passes a certain borderline, it could cause your body parts to be overworked. Overworking of the body organs can eventually cause stress on the functioning of the heart increasing its risk for a heart attack.

3. Depression

A broken heart often triggers depression. This depression is another fatal condition for an individual. Depression causes factors like obesity and overeating to come into play which can have serious implications on the overall health and wellbeing of a person.

4. Lack Of Sleep

A broken heart often results in sleepless nights. Well, quite literally emotional stress in a relationship could leave you turning sides to get some sleep. This could go on for days till you overcome your grief. Sleep is important to give rest to the body and the mind, failing which one could be heading towards a number of diseases, including a risk of heart diseases.

5. The Risk Of Bad Lifestyle

Most people make an erratic change in their habits and lifestyle to get over their broken heart. Unfortunately, most of these erratic changes are not for the better. People take to smoking, drug or substance abuse, overeating or drinking to forget their emotional stress. Little do they realize that any of these habits only take a toll on heart health and do not contribute in any way to mend that broken heart.

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