Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

The process of reconstructing or repairing an injured part of the body (or for any cosmetic reason) by transfer of tissue is known as plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery has two branches – cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance of a person. Reconstructive plastic surgery is a procedure to improve function. It also includes approximating normal appearance.

Now the question is: Why to get a plastic surgery?

People get plastic or cosmetic surgery for many reasons. Some people seek to change a feature they never liked. Some people want to look younger. However there is a common thing among all the reasons; realistic expectations. It can help boost your self-confidence.

The success of the result of a cosmetic or plastic surgery depends on many factors. One of these factors is understanding between the patient and the cosmetic surgeon; how well you communicate with your surgeon. Make sure you are open to her/ him about your motive and goals. Explain why you want a plastic surgery.

Some of the body parts people improve through plastic surgery are:

  • Face: For removing facial wrinkles, creases or scars.
  • Eyes: Removing puffy bags below the eyes or correcting eye lids.
  • Nose: Changing the shape of the nose.
  • Ears: Improving the size of large ears.
  • Breasts: Reshaping drooping breasts and increasing or reducing the size of the breasts.
  • Hair: Filling in bald areas with hair.
Is cosmetic surgery risk-free?

Cosmetic surgery has same risks as all surgery such as infection and blood clots. It is not at all risk-free. In fact, cosmetic surgery can cause bruising and swelling, which can take months to go away.

Questions you should ask your cosmetic surgeon?

Before undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery, it is necessary to clear all the doubts. Few questions which you should ask your surgeon during the first meet are:

  • Can you share before and after diagrams to help me understand the results?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Will the result be permanent?
  • What are the possible complications?
  • Have you done this procedure before?
  • How much will the surgery cost?
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