Oral Cancer Causes and Treatments

What is oral cancer?

This is a type of cancer which affects the mouth and the pharynx of the throat.

Why is oral cancer usually caused?

Oral cancer is usually attributed towards an unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. More importantly, smoking tobacco and indefinite consumption of alcohol increase the subsequent risk of oral cancer. According to the latest reports by the Mouth Foundation Centre (MFC), around 90 percent of oral cancer is caused by consumption of tobacco.There is also a risk of the human papillomavirus which is sexually transmitted and causing some significant damage to your mouth, causing oral cancer. However, most oral cancers are reported to have been caused in those individuals aging 40 and above. The reason behind this is still under research and investigation.

What are the early warning signs of oral cancer?

Listed below are a few early warning signs and symptoms of oral cancer. If you happen to possess most of these symptoms, it is imperative to undergo a full-fledged examination of your oral system.

Sores and swellings in the mouth with lumps and patches (generally thick in nature) around your mouth or throat. This might be the sole reason you are not able to open your mouth completely.
White and red lesions in your mouth and lip areas.
Feeling of a lumpy object which is stuck down in your throat.
Incessant pain in your ears without any hearing loss issues.
Loose teeth with no dental problem faced ever.
Facing a problem chewing or swallowing food down your throat.
Numb regions in your mouth and tongue swelling.
A sore throat for a prolonged period

How to get it treated?

Any presence of oral cancer will involve definite steps as suggested fit by the corresponding doctor or oncologist. You may have to rely on extensive cancer therapy for a time  to get it treated right, for, in most, oral cancer may go undetected and create a fallacy. Make sure your reports are absolutely error free and subscribed with the right medication.

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