Few Sips Of Soft Drinks Can Adversely Impact Your Health

Posted On Dec 26, 2019

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If your day doesn’t end without a soft drink, it’s certainly something to think about, unless you don’t care much for your health. Soft drinks do not have any vitamin or nutrient value, but these beverages are loaded with certain harmful ingredients which pose several health risks with a regular intake. It is found that 9 out of 10 beverage types produced have a damaging effect on human health. It is a bit difficult to give up soft drinks if you have cravings for it. However, an understanding of the common health problems that occur with regular consumption of soft drinks can alarm you every time you think of having a sip! So here are a few to share with:

It’s not really a “sweet” ingredient

The fructose corn syrup in soft drinks increases the risk of metabolic syndromes such as diabetes and heart diseases. A 26% increased risk of diabetes is seen with habitual soft drink consumption. One out of the 40 deaths each day in India from heart stroke is due to beverage consumption. During the conversion of fructose to glucose, uric acid is released which in excess gets deposited as crystals in the joints causing inflammation.

On an average, a can of soft drinks contain around 40 grams of sugar. The excess sugar gets stored as fat and ends up in weight gain especially around the belly. Also, in response to sugar overload the pleasure centers of your brain get stimulated and the heroin-like effect sets in within 45 minutes.

Within a few minutes of consuming the beverages, the sugar levels in the blood spikes up. This causes insulin burst. Abnormally high levels of insulin encourage the pancreatic cell division and growth causing pancreatic cancer. Raised insulin can also suppress the immune system reducing your ability to fight infections.

Breathing is not easy anymore

Sodium benzoate is a preservative used in these drinks which can cause asthma and other lung problems. Nearly 370 deaths in India occur each day due to asthma resulting from beverages.

Risk for kidney stones

Phosphoric acid is present in a few of the soft drinks which disturbs the digestive system which is linked to the kidneys. This leads to the formation of stones in the kidneys and can cause other kidney problems.

Cans are coated bad

The cans are generally coated with resins containing BPA (Biphenyl – A) which can cause cancer. It can cause hormonal imbalances affecting the reproductive system and can lead to early puberty.

Beware if you already have brittle bones

Regular consumption of cola-based soft drinks can eliminate calcium along with phosphorous, weakening the bones. The risk of osteoporosis is found to be 4% more in such consumers.

The reactive solvents in the soft drinks mix with saliva and turn acidic which can rapidly dissolve the tooth enamel. The damage is nearly 2% with each sip of the drink.

As you are now aware of the effects of soft drinks on your body, make an informed choice of your own. Better try to quit the soft drinks otherwise you will be at risk of one full of health issues. Instead, you may try to prepare certain drinks by yourself at home; add slices of your favorite fruits to water and leave the nutrients to leech for 30 minutes. It’s not only healthy but is equally delicious!

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