Everything You Must Know About Neonatology

Posted On Dec 26, 2019

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Neonatology is often mistaken as Pediatrics but both the sectors are different. Neonatology is basically the subpart of Pediatrics or to be precise, it is a specialization which deals with the complex health issues related to the newborns. When it is about the complications in pregnancy, premature birth or any other birth defect then the role of a Neonatologist comes into play at a broad level. Today, in most of the recognized hospitals, the newborns are kept in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). To understand every infant’s biology and the basic or advanced diseases related to its birth is pretty complex and Neonatology is the medical sector that makes the process easy.

The threat related to the lives of the premature infants are pretty high globally and hence ordinary ICU amenities do not make the grade. NICU offers cutting edge technical support along with top-notch nursing care. Neonatology is still an alien term for a big global mass. Here are few facts related to Neonatology mentioned below that will expand your knowledge spectrum regarding this field.

  • Neonatologists possess the complete knowledge of Pediatrics along with the additional Newborn Intensive Care specialization
  • Neonatologists are responsible for the coordination and care related to the birth of an infant in case any complication occurs to the mother in the delivery chamber that may affect the child’s health
  • Neonatology deals with the neonatal diseases like Jaundice, Tetanus, Sepsis, Stroke, Acne, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Cholestasis and many other health issues
  • Neonatologists have special medical apparatuses that are specially designed to treat the defects related to extremely tiny infant organs.
  • Provides special care to the infants born before 37 weeks
  • Neonatology ensures that the lungs of the premature infant are breathing enough air, the digestive system is functioning properly, liver & kidneys are well-functioning, an infant is excreting waste normally, the immune system is normal and few other aspects.
  • Specially arranged treatment for the infants born with a weight less than 2,500 grams
  • Apart from the Neonatologists and Pediatricians, other medical members who provide help in many complex premature birth cases are Respiratory therapists, Occupational therapists, Dietitians, Lactation consultants, Pharmacists, Social workers and Hospital chaplains
  • Incubators are used in the NICU to provide a premature baby the favorable environment that it temporarily needs. Incubators are also used when a baby is needed to transfer from a health organization to another.

Neonatology is one of the modern areas of medicine that has proven its niche in plenty of successful cases in the recent years. This avant-grade medical sector must be known to everyone so that they can leverage its world-class amenities and save the precious lives of their infants in crucial cases.

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