9 Healthy Tips To Prevent Chronic Diseases

Posted On Dec 26, 2019

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With the availability of wide range of medications, the survival rate among people is rapidly increasing. The expected age of survival is beyond 65 years. Good to know right? But associated with this good news is the increased risk of chronic diseases which is more common in this generation.

Chronic diseases are the illnesses which occur over a prolonged duration and do not resolve spontaneously or cannot be totally cured even with medications. If you have a family history, you may be at an increased risk of developing these diseases. The most common chronic conditions encountered by the adults include diabetes, heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (of the lungs), cancer, stroke, arthritis, and obesity. Cost involved in the treatment of these conditions is too high, which is a burden to the patient and his/her family.

If you wish to live a healthy life in your ’60s and beyond that, all you need to do is to prevent these chronic diseases. The trick is to bring some Lifestyle changes to prevent chronic diseases. There is supportive evidence that implementing certain lifestyle changes can highly benefit in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Also, managing the chronic conditions which occur at young age is equally beneficial. So, take a look at the 9 healthy tips to prevent chronic diseases:


 1. Focus on your food

Make smart food choices to protect your health. Junk food is poor in nutrients but is loaded with calories. It can lead to obesity, increasing the insulin levels in the blood which over time can lead to diabetes due to insulin resistance. The high sodium content of the junk food is a culprit for high blood pressure, and other diseases of the heart, liver, and kidneys. High fatty foods can increase the cholesterol levels in your blood and get deposited leading to heart diseases, obesity, and other problems.

Drop down the junk food. Fill half of your food plate with fruits and vegetables, calcium and vitamin D-rich foods such as milk, eggs, and leafy greens which will strengthen your bones. Eat less sodium to maintain your blood pressure at a normal level. Replace the trans fat and saturated fat from the processed and oily foods with unsaturated and healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, available largely in fish, nuts, avocado and more. You can also consume cereals, whole grains, and foods which are rich in fibre.

2. Drink water and not soda

Drink lots of water. It cleans your entire system by removing the toxins through kidney filtration and is also good for the health of kidneys. At least 8 glasses of water should be consumed per day.

3. Rethink on your drinks

Make your life sweeter by consuming fewer sugary drinks. Count the calories you are taking through the sweetened beverages. Reduce and if possible avoid taking energy and sports drinks, diet sodas, juice drinks, etc. available in the market. Instead, prepare them on your own with fruits and vegetables.

Do not consume alcohol; it is a robber of your entire health. If you cannot completely quit drinking, at least try to reduce it. Men should not take more than two drinks per day and women not more than one drink per day. Decrease caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, etc.

4. Get moving

Physical activity is essential to control your body weight. It also helps to control the blood sugar levels. The frequency and severity of asthma attacks get lowered with certain physical exercises. Exercises can improve muscle and bone strength and can also prevent the joint stiffness. It is also good for your heart’s health as it promotes circulation.

So get moving! It could be a gentle yoga at home to running on the beaches. You can do the dance-based moving or camp style workouts. It is not only amusing but also keeps you healthy! Walking for 30 minutes every day for 5 days a week can prevent diabetes. Decreased expenditure of the calories and an increased intake of high energy diet determines your level of obesity. Physical activity can help you overcome this problem.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity is increasing rapidly worldwide and is a risk factor for many diseases. It increases the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases by nearly 2 to 3 times, while the risk for type 2 diabetes is nearly 10 times high in obese people. The other risks include cancers in the breast, kidney, colon, etc. Thus, reduce your body weight by increasing your dietary intake of fibres, reducing the fats and carbohydrates and performing exercises on a daily basis.

6. Avoid carcinogens

Filtering the water you drink can prevent carcinogenic exposure. Keep your cell phones away from you to the extent possible. Avoid processed food and charred meat as they contain carcinogenic agents.

7. Tobacco is a threat , so avoid it

The nicotine from the tobacco is a major culprit for many chronic conditions, especially those of lungs and heart. It increases your risk for cancers. Avoidance of smoking is a single most important way to prevent cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cancer.

8.  Take it easy & relax

Controlling your stress can boost your health esteem. Do not isolate yourself when you feel stressed. Reach out to your family members or friends, listen to some good music, sing, dance, or do such activities to curb the stress.

9. Go for regular health check-ups

Invest in small amounts to regularly consult a family doctor and get your health status checked up instead of spending huge amounts later. It can help you to prevent the advanced stages of the diseases and to get treatment in the early stages. This especially implies for those people who have a family history of any chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, etc.

Well, most you know that these tips can prevent the chronic diseases, yet you lack the motivation to put them into practice in your early age as you feel you are healthy at present. But if you really wish to save your money and be one among those older adults with an excellent health even after their ’80s, start implementing these changes in your life. It might be difficult to inculcate all of them at once. However, a slow practice with a strong desire can help you curb the bad habits one after the other, replacing them with the new ones. So, make a start now!

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