7 Things Your Ears Are Trying To Tell You

Our body tells us several things, it gives us warnings and sign but we generally fail to see them. Ears being one of the most important organs of our body do tell us about the risks that our body might be facing. Everything about our ears, from their shape to the type of wax they produce is a source of information for us. Here are 7 things that your ears might be trying to tell you:

  1. You have a high risk of developing diabetes:

    Your ears do warn you about diabetes. In recent researches, it has been found that the chance of loss of hearing is more in diabetic patients rather than the pre-diabetic ones. Diabetes elevates the risks of chronic ear infections and the severity of these infections is also higher in people with diabetes. Thus, if you are witnessing severe ear infections and hearing problems then you must consult a physician and get your blood sugar level tested.

  2. You have Eczema:

    If the wax in your ears becomes flaky then it could be a possible sign of eczema. Once the cause of the flakiness of your earwax is identified then the treatment is very easy. But if this type of earwax becomes consistent along with soreness of the ears then it can be considered as a possible sign of psoriasis infection.

  3. You are vulnerable to certain diseases:

    Earwax acts as the natural line of defense for our ears. It prevents bacterial infection and also prevents foreign particles from getting into our ears. Moreover, earwax tells us about our vulnerabilities to certain diseases. There is a specific correlation between some diseases like hepatitis and your earwax. Researchers have also found that you may have higher chances of developing breast cancer if your ear wax is too wet and slimy.

  4. You need to visit a dentist:

    Are you witnessing tremendous ear pain? Well, the problem might not always be in your ears rather it can be deeply rooted inside your mouth. Problems in the temporomandibular joint which is situated just in front of the ears can cause severe pain. In that case, visit a dentist rather than visiting an ENT specialist.

  5. Allergies:

    Your ears tell you about the allergic reactions of your body. If you have an itchy feeling in your ears or the ears feel blocked accompanied by severe pain then you can be assumed that you are witnessing allergy symptoms.

  6. Your heart is getting blocked:

    If the earlobe is a little wrinkly then it may be a potential sign of formation of plaque or blockage of the coronary arteries carrying blood to the heart.

  7. You are anxious:

    A ringing sound in your ears known as tinnitus is a potential warning of more than 200 diseases. But it normally tells you that your body is witnessing high anxiety, hypertension or depression. Although it is very rare, if the ringing becomes consistent then it may imply that you are developing a brain tumour.


It is time to consider the warnings coming from the ears in order to lead a healthy life. Your ear can be your best friend and save you from some major health problems in the long run.

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