6 Things You Need To Know About The Flu Season

Contrary to popular belief, the flu is actually dangerous and potentially fatal if necessary steps are not taken for its due treatment. It has been noted that flu season usually peaks in the month of February, however, it can start early in October and often times may extend up to as late as April. According to the latest health reports, people often fall prey to this virus and end up hospitalized with grave illnesses, especially when they are already suffering from another disease.

Listed below are 6 things you should definitely know about the upcoming flu season.

Vaccinate yourself properly

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every person who is 6 months or older must have a shot of the flu vaccine every year. This is essentially important because of the latest health reports which state that around 15-20 percent of the population gets hospitalized due to flu, every year. One important thing that needs to be noted here is that intake of the flu vaccine is definitely not going to make you sick. However, it does not guarantee ‘no scope of illnesses’. It only acts a shield to your immunity, just in case you need it this season.

Hygiene is absolutely essential

Wash your hands regularly and make sure your personal hygiene is duly maintained to avoid potential contamination from all external sources. The CDC recommends one to lather his/her hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Keep your hands off your face

Studies suggest that the average individual resorts to touching the face around 15-20 times in an hour. Flu is usually transmitted when you touch your face after coming in contact with an infected surface. Hence, it is highly advisable to keep your hands off your face this flu season.

Eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables

Consume a whole lot of green cruciferous vegetables like spinach, berries, cabbage, etc. These will help build your immune system to prevent any potential flu infections that are ready to invade your health this season. Make sure to include a lot of vegetables in your everyday meals to increase your immunity.

Sleep well

It is highly advisable that one maintains perfect sleep cycle time. Improper and inadequate sleep is often said to weaken the immune system and create potential side effects to your body, at times, making it more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

Exercise a lot

A full-fledged workout session is crucial towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to preventing diseases and controlling ailments. Drink lots of boiled water and equip yourself with more workout sessions, so that your immunity gets boosted naturally, thus helping you to stay hale and hearty for a longer time.

The Flu season is a time to be cautious and pay attention to your health and hygiene. So eat well, sleep well, exercise well, and maintain hygiene so that you have the best chance of avoiding this ailment.

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