5 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

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Contemporary lifestyle habits and choices lead to a very sedentary mode of living. You can now enjoy a comfortable life without having to exert yourself too much. However, your body is not built to be inactive and requires regular exercise and physical activity to function properly. Your body is obviously sensitive to your habits, and physical exercise provides you with a large number of benefits, five of which are listed below:

  1. Cardiovascular benefits

Regular exercise, in particular, simple cardio, has a profound effect on your heart’s health. Post-exercise your blood pressure is lowered and this reduces the stress on your arteries and veins. It also prevents your arteries from accumulating plaque and ensures a healthy flow of blood throughout your body as well as reducing the risks of a stroke. Exercise also increases the amount of good cholesterol in your blood.

  1. Boosts immunity against chronic health conditions

Type 2 diabetes is a health condition that involves high blood pressure and high sugar. Regular physical exercise automatically reduces your blood pressure and makes sure that the sugar in the blood is consumed effectively. The risks of breast and lung cancer are also reduced considerably through exercise

  1. Helps control weight

Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI is not possible with a sedentary lifestyle. Losing weight is a byproduct of burning more calories than you consume. Exercise, if combined with a proper diet, helps to burn excess calories and develop muscle mass. This, in turn, will enable you to improve your physique and endurance while maintaining a healthy body mass.

  1. Boosts your mood

Your body releases endorphins after a workout as these are the body’s natural painkillers. They also considerably boost your mood and induce positive emotions and euphoria. Studies have shown that even patients suffering from clinical depression can benefit from the mood-enhancing effects of exercise.

      5.Sharpens the mind

Regular exercise has a positive effect on your cognitive abilities and prevents your neurons from degenerating. Studies have shown that regular exercise causes the hippocampus to increase in size. The hippocampus is responsible for verbal memory and learning. Exercise also stimulates the release of chemicals called growth factors. These are responsible for the health and growth of the cells in your brain.


Your body is like a highly intricate machine and, just like a machine, it tends to lose its ability to function properly if it is not used regularly or taken care of properly. Be good to your body and it will reward you considerably.

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