5 Cooking Tips To Spice Up Your Heart Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to an individual’s fitness regime. This is especially the case when you want to keep every internal organ in your body, healthy and going, primarily the heart. Eating healthy does not necessarily imply that you eat boiled foods and stick to a completely tasteless food intake. It simply means that you use the correct ingredients that will provide you with essential nutrients and also cater to your fitness requirements with utmost efficacy.
Enlisted below are 5 cooking tips that will come in handy for spicing up your heart healthy diet, so that you can munch away:

Incorporate a lot of herbs and spices
Contrary to the popular belief, herbs and spices provide for natural flavoring of the cooked foods and also cater to your taste buds with great efficiency. Start with basic herbs and spices like basil, oregano, garlic, peppers, coriander, etc. This will add that necessary smoky effect to your dish and provide for the perfect seasoning which is usually lost in artificial flavorings.

Include a lot of vegetables
Vegetables make a great side dish as they not only add color to your meal but also provide essential nutrients and vitamins and improve the taste of your food. The incorporation of a lot of vegetables in our meals is an all time recommendation by chefs and fitness experts all over the world. So, next time you find yourself on a cooking spree, make sure to get hold of as many vegetables as you can!

Prepare your own vegetable stock
Vegetable leftovers provide for a highly flavored and nutrient rich broth which can easily be prepared at home. Just use all the vegetable leftovers from your cooking section and boil them in a pot. The soup thus obtained can be consumed as a part of a better and healthier diet. You can also make a non vegetarian broth by throwing in some chicken breast leftovers into the soup.

Remember to include salad, always!
Go for the perfect salad dressing and do not forget to mix and match all the ingredients – fruits and vegetables alike. Sprinkle some seasoning or spices if you must to make it tastier. People who consume salad are thought to be healthier because they gain essential nutrients, which are usually lost when you put them for cooking.

Include a lot of grains in the breakfast
Whole grain bread is by far the healthiest bread and you can use it for various cooking purposes. Prepare a breakfast which is rich in high fibers and less in sugar. You can also use flaxseeds in your yogurt or your cereal. Since these are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, they help control your cholesterol levels for a healthier heart.

Maintaining a health diet need not be a bland or tasteless affair. So spice up your meals to keep both your taste buds and your heart happy.

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