Don't Ignore Common Monsoon illnesses during Pandemic

Posted On Aug 18, 2020

Dr. Sufla Saxena

Consultant - Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

Dwarka - Delhi

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The monsoon season not only brings joy to us as we get relief from the scorching heat but it also brings a lot of seasonal illnesses. We all know that during the monsoon some infectious diseases are very common especially seasonal fevers and the common cold. These fevers are mostly accounted for by common monsoon illnesses like Typhoid, Viral Hepatitis, dengue, malaria, and Leptospirosis. With COVID -19 illness mainly presenting with similar symptoms, distinguishing these seasonal diseases poses a serious difficulty for people.

It is very important that these diseases should be diagnosed early and treated as there is an increased probability of transmission. Consult today with the best paediatricians in Dwarka to safeguard your child.

These monsoon illnesses can either be water-borne like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea or can be vector-borne like malaria, dengue, etc.

Taking the following precautions can safeguard you and your family from these common illnesses.


1. The doors and windows should be kept closed at home especially during evening times to avoid mosquitoes entering the home.

2. Use mosquito repellents or nets and regular fogging should happen to prevent mosquito bites.

3. Always ensure that the child wears full sleeves clothes especially when going out to the playground or other green areas.

4. Give your children home-cooked food as much as possible 

5. Always use boiled or purified RO water to drink to avoid water-borne diseases. 

6. Develop the habit of frequent handwashing in children especially before and after eating food and after using the toilet.

7. Ensure good hydration of kids especially during monsoon as the liquid intake goes down because of cold weather.


1. Don’t let water accumulate in containers in and around the household and societies. It will prevent the breeding of dangerous mosquitoes.

2. Don’t let your child play in accumulated rainwater.

3. Avoid eating outside food especially uncovered food items. Avoid raw vegetables, fruits, fermented foods (like cheese), and fried foods.

4. Don’t eat pre-peeled fruits available outside.

5. Don’t ignore any fever or flu-like symptoms in children.

 Prevention against infectious monsoon diseases is very important. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet, exercise, and safe food practices go a long way to build your immunity against monsoon infections and Coronavirus. Stay hydrated, get adequate sleep, and eat home-cooked meals and be vigilant for warning signs of common monsoon illness. Book an appointment today in the best gastroenterologist hospital in Delhi to take care of your health.


Dr. Sufla Saxena

Consultant - Paediatric Gastroenterologist And Hepatologist

Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, Delhi

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