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Internal Medicine

Best Internal Medicine Hospital in Delhi

Internal medicine is a branch of medicine that helps in the overall management of a wide range of conditions both common illnesses and complex long term medical condition in a patient. Doctors who are experts in internal medicine are generally referred to as ‘internists’ and as the ‘doctor’s doctor’ as they are often consulted by other doctors to help solve diagnostic problems.

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Know About Us

Why Manipal?

  • The Department of Internal Medicine at Manipal Hospital, the best internal medicine hospital in Delhi offers both inpatient and outpatient services for the management of patients with both common and chronic diseases including primary care and hospital care. 
  • Infectious diseases are one of the major concerns in this region and the department handles a large volume of infectious diseases including AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), influenza, hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, malaria, endocarditis, acute febrile and other tropical diseases. If you experience any of these, seek medical help from the Best General Physician in Delhi at Manipal Hospitals. 
  • The department has a facility for infectious patients needing isolation and fully equipped ICU (intensive care unit) care.
  • Furthermore, we are concerned not only about the overall quantity and quality of care but also increasingly committed to developing specialized programs and advances in the administration of care to improve patient satiety and safety. 
  • We at the Department of Internal Medicine stand firm on the belief that we can, achieve excellence in research, clinical care, and teaching. 
  • The department is committed to Faculty development through continuing education programmes and continuous quality improvement in its services by adopting best practices.

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Some procedures performed in the Department of internal medicine include: 

  • Ascitic Fluid Tapping: Ascites is a condition in which excess fluid gets accumulated in the abdominal cavity. This excess fluid is removed through a procedure called ascitic fluid tapping.

  • Lumbar Puncture: Also called the spinal tap, this procedure involves extracting a sample of cerebrospinal fluid using a needle from your lower back (lumbar region). 

  • Peripheral Doppler Study: Also called the blood flow study, this test uses high-frequency sound waves to detect abnormal blood flow in your arteries and veins. 

  • Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC): The test is recommended to determine if a lump is cancer. This procedure is also used to test for salivary glands, thyroid, or lymph node illnesses.

  • Pleural Aspiration: This procedure involves inserting a needle or tube into the pleural space (the space between the lung and chest wall) to extract excess fluid around the lungs. 

  • Liver Abscess Aspiration: The abscess (collection of pus) in the liver is drained and examined for diseases. 

  • Ultrasound (US) Guided Liver Biopsy: The guidance of the ultrasound is used to extract tissue samples from the liver and diagnose liver dysfunctions, grade the disease, facilitate prognostication, and plan specific treatment strategies.

  • Ultrasound (US) Guided Pleural Tap: Also called thoracentesis, a pleural tap is performed to remove excess build-up of fluid in the pleural space. The procedure involves inserting a needle which is guided using ultrasound to remove excess fluid accumulation (called a pleural effusion). Ultrasound guidance is known to reduce various complications that can occur due to procedures used to manage pleural disease. Visit the Best Internal Medicine Hospital in Delhi to avail of advanced medical care or consult the internal medicine specialist in Delhi.

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Facilities & Services

Our treatments and services include: 

We at the Department of Internal Medicine offer the following speciality clinical services:

  • Diabetes management: We provide effective prevention, timely diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes. We have specialized doctors and nursing staff who perform complete and individualized check-ups, applicable treatment, and regular monitoring of diabetes patients and related complications such as heart problems, diabetic foot, kidney failure, etc.

  • Thyroid management: We provide holistic treatment for your thyroid problems through thorough medical and physical examination. Effective medications are prescribed to treat the condition. Severe conditions may be referred for surgery. You will also be provided with a customized diet to prevent a worsening condition. Get the Best Thyroid Treatment in Delhi or consult the Best Doctor for Thyroid in Delhi at Manipal hospitals.

  • Overweight and Obesity are linked to several health problems including heart disease, hypertension, etc. We have a specialized team of doctors and dieticians to help you maintain a healthy weight by making appropriate lifestyle changes, customized diet plans, etc. We have facilities for performing weight-loss surgeries like Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, etc. These surgeries are recommended only if measures like medications, lifestyle changes, and diet plans have not given you the desired weight loss results. 

  • We provide customized treatment programs that are moulded to meet the needs of each individual. We provide daily outpatient and inpatient services as well as 24 hours of emergency care services.

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that weakens the immune system and leads to AIDS - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. HIV testing is recommended for people who are 13 to 64 years of age. It is highly recommended for pregnant women as the unborn child is at a high risk of infection. 

  • We provide expert care for the elderly suffering from various medical conditions. Our experienced multidisciplinary team of doctors, physical therapists, nurses, nutritionists, social workers, and psychological counsellors provide comprehensive care for the elderly while focusing on their social, and emotional needs. We specialize in the management of health concerns such as falls, memory problems, incontinence, etc. Manipal is recognized as the Best Geriatric Care Hospital in Delhi for offering holistic care for elderly people. Consult the Best Geriatrician in Delhi to get advanced elderly treatment.

  • There are different types of arthritis and rheumatism including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, etc. We have specialized rheumatoid arthritis experts offering the best treatment for patients suffering from autoimmune disorders, arthritis, connective tissue disorders, etc. 

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is a chronic lung disease, is often misdiagnosed. We have experienced doctors who are experts in the timely diagnosis and treatment of COPD. Your symptoms, family and medical history will be reviewed and tests including lung (pulmonary) function tests, chest X-ray, CT scan, arterial blood gas analysis and other tests are done to confirm your condition.

We provide customized treatment programs that are moulded to meet the needs of each individual. We provide daily outpatient and inpatient services as well as 24 hours of emergency care services.


Our treatments and services include: 

  • A multidisciplinary approach to evaluating the mental health problem.

  • Clinical Psychopharmacology

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) monitored Electroconvulsive therapy.

  • Individual or customized psychotherapy.

  • Family, marital, and group therapy

  • Therapy for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural disturbances, for people with substance abuse/dependence and those with emotional disorders associated with physical illnesses.

  • Counselling 

  • Therapy at the comfort of your home for enhanced assessment and treatment


​​​​​​An internist is a doctor specializing in internal medicine and is often consulted by other doctors to help in solving diagnostic problems. 

Diabetologists are doctors who treat people with diabetes while endocrinologists specialize in the conditions affecting the endocrine organs with diabetes as one of the conditions of endocrinology. Some other conditions that are treated by an endocrinologist include hypertension, cancers of the endocrine glands, growth disorders, lipid disorders, metabolic disorders, thyroid diseases, etc. 

An assigned physician will look into all the general information about the patient and then review the current injury or disorder. Based on findings, further diagnostic procedures or treatment will be recommended.

Apart from these four chronic diseases- cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, several other issues such as allergies, anemia, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol issues, digestive disorders, colon disease, thyroid disorders, urine and bladder problems, tendonitis and bursitis, along with many more medical conditions affect adults. To get rid of these issues, visit the internal medicine hospital in Dwarka, Delhi.

While some medical conditions are caused by external facts, many medical problems arise due to genetic predispositions. To know more, arrive at the best internal medicine hospital in Dwarka, Delhi

There are a wide range of medical conditions that are preventable and several programs are set in place to manage an adult’s health. However, not all medical disorders are completely preventable. Get the best treatment at the top internal medicine hospital in Dwarka, Delhi.

It is extremely important to follow up with annual health checkups. This will help you keep a check on several risk factors that may lead to complex conditions in the future.

Manipal Hospitals is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalised care and building long-term partnerships with its patients. Our Internal Medicine Department, it’s various subspecialities and patients are a testament to this.

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