There is great joy that fills the air every time the good news that a baby is due reaches our ears. It is not just a moment for the couple but the entire community that surrounds. A newborn brings a lot of new hope into the people; it becomes a bundle of joy to the world around. However, cautious measures have to be taken to give the child good health, even while in the womb, else it could be a disaster for the mother and the child. Wrong habits and insufficient care can increase the trouble for the pregnant women and the baby within her. Therefore, the need to ensure that the best care is always present, for the infant, is very important.

Here the joy and responsibility of the couple is multiplied twice. Therefore, the famous statement of Spider-Man can be brought to mind once again – “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”. Here the power is in terms of the control that the parents exercise over the infant. However, let us focus on responsibility part of it for now.

Here are some of the tips that would surely enable a healthier living, during your pregnancy:

Craving for Food:

This is a phenomenon that practically every single one of the women going through pregnancy would have to face. Most often women also take this as an opportunity to swim in chocolates and ice-creams. However, a careful examination of the amount of food one consumes has to be kept a watch on. It is said that a roughly an additional 300 calories (close to 600 gms of Apple) of food per day would be nutritious enough for the child and mother.

Weight gain:

This is more in relation to the previous topic. However, this is very important too. It is suggested that if you are very hungry during pregnancy. It is better to eat short meals throughout the day rather than having 3 heavy meals. It is also essential that all foods have to be scrutinized before consumption.

The no nos:

There are a lot of elements that have to be clearly avoided during pregnancy. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and over the counter medications will have to be clearly avoided. Further, always ensure that you go to hospitals where best patient care services are provided; because ensuring that the right medication is taken is that important for the health of the mother and the child. Avoid hot tubs, as high internal body temperature can cause birth defects, in the first trimester.

Physical Activity:

There is a necessary to stay active; you will feel better and have more energy. More importantly you will have the muscle tone for labour and birth. Routine activities like keeping up the climbing the stairs, cleaning the house, gardening can be continued. However, physical activities involving excessive strain like horseback riding should be strictly avoided.


Ensure that you get the best prenatal services, because it of top priority. While in confusion to choose your doctor ensure that you go to hospitals that consistently deliver the best patient care services. Also keep in mind that the any chemical intake could harm the mother and child. Oral Care is another essential as bacterial activity in the mouth is very high during pregnancy.

Ultimately, all the efforts and pain undertaken boils down to a sole joy, that of finding a new infant in a new world, with the best health he/she could have.





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