Risk of cancer
Risk of cancer

Studies suggest that cancer cases may be prevented through healthy lifestyle and balanced diets. It is a known fact that a balanced diet helps to maintain a healthy body weight, which can itself reduce the risk of many cancers. The link between diet and cancer is complex and difficult to understand. This is because our diet is made up of lots of different foods and nutrients. Many of these do affect the risk of contracting cancer.

Food obtained from plants are highly effective against cancer. The presence of phytonutrients tends to reduce the risk of cancer and help in the treatment of the same.

Listed below are some effective foods that may lower the risk of cancer. Go ahead and take a look.

1. Green leafy vegetables

The green vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients and are rich in minerals and antioxidants. These contain essential anti-bacterial properties which sublime the tumor formation cells and kill the cancer cells accordingly. You can eat cooked green vegetables or simply go for raw juices to intake all the essential nutrients to the fullest.

2. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are a perfect example of food rich in phytochemicals and various antioxidants. The most important of all – the carotenoid antioxidant is an essential element for boosting up the immune system and improving the general health of the vital organs of the body. Citrus fruits are definitely the must have foods for the prevention of cancer.

3. Dairy products

Not just any dairy product, but the foods actually recommended are the probiotic ones which help fight tumor development and curb the growth of cancer cells on a large scale.  Examples of a few of the above are raw milk and its various products like cheese and yogurt. The essential proteins also help strengthen the body and give it a healthy look.

4. Essential oils

Essential oils like coconut oil, virgin olive oil are the best food ingredients that help prevent cancer in a highly efficient manner. Also, they aid in the functionality of the nervous system and strengthen the muscles and thus help in effective cancer care. Food cooked in these oils serve the most important and highly definitive functionality to fight cancer effectively on their own terms.

5. Fish

Cancer-fighting agents are not simply restricted to a complete vegetarian diet. One is advised to consume seafood like salmon and sardines which contain essential omega-3 fatty acid that regulates the nervous system and fights tumor formation to curb the growth of cancer on a greater scale.




  1. Thank you very much. My sister underwent Colorectal Suregry at Manipal Hospital in the year 2005 by Dr.K.C.JANARDHAN then the Consultant for Manipal Hospital and Dr.Poonam Patil for Chemo.

    Those days only Doctors advised to go for Vegs fishs and not for Red Meat.

    However my sister strictly on Vegetarian diet especially she never miss her CARROT JUICE.

    Thanks to the then Kind, humble and generous hearted doctors of Manipal.

    Recently One of my relative had undergone the same surgery. NO, THAT KINDNESS Has totally vanished from Manipal Hospital. Now only money speaks there. The team work has lost long back.

    Sorry to say this, because it is my personal experience.

    Leela Susai

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      Thank you for writing to us. Kindly provide us your contact details. Our team will address the issue and get back to you soon.
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