Best Cardio Thoracic Hospital in Yeshwanthpur Bangalore
Best Cardio Thoracic Hospital in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery

Best Cardio Thoracic Hospital in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery (CTVS) is a branch of medicine that specialises in the surgical treatment of organs located within the thorax (chest), primarily the heart and the lungs. Cardiothoracic Vascular surgical specialists at the Manipal Hospitals in Yeshwanthpur tirelessly work to diagnose and treat heart, chest, and lung diseases. The hospital offers the most advanced and cutting-edge surgical care for practically all cardiac and thoracic problems. A team of committed and exceptionally skilled medical experts at Manipal Hospitals in Yeshwanthpur are constantly consulting, recommending, and using modern and refined technologies to treat cardiovascular and thoracic conditions in patients. The medical team is committed to providing the best care to patients to help them lead healthy lives.

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Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals, Yeshwanthpur, treats patients with one of the most renowned, skilled, and well-equipped cardiovascular and thoracic surgical divisions. Medical professionals at Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, are pioneers in open-heart surgery and heart transplant surgery. The cardiovascular thoracic surgery section is renowned for its astonishing work due to the use of cutting-edge surgical techniques, such as minimally invasive surgery and the most recent advanced technologies for accurately identifying heart and lung diseases.

At the Manipal Hospitals, Yeshwanthpur, the specialised division of cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons ensures that the patients are provided with the most reliable diagnoses and care. Medical experts ensure that the patients not only have a safe surgical procedure but also that the after-effects are minimal and do not bother the patients ahead in their lives. Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals for the best treatment facilities.

Treatment & Procedures

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgery in children is typically recommended to fix cardiac problems and to ensure the child's long-term health. Certain cardiac abnormalities may necessitate urgent surgery upon birth, and surgery is sometimes performed months or even years after birth. The severity of the illness determines the kind and number of procedures required. Paediatric…

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Aortic Surgery for Dissection…

Aorta dissection is a rupture in the inner lining of your aorta's weak spot. The main artery that carries blood from your heart which is rich in oxygen and nutrients, to the rest of your body is called the aorta. 

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VATS Decortication and Pleural…

Empyema thoracis is a condition where a pus-like substance starts getting collected in the pleural space. This pleural space is also called the pleural cavity, and the cavity is present underneath the chest wall and between the lungs. This cavity is generally vacant, with the lung against the interior of the chest wall. However, in some cases, fluid…

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Surgery for HOCM (Hypertrophic…

Septal myectomy is an open-heart surgical procedure used to treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (thick heart muscle). It alleviates the condition's symptoms in the patient.

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Robotic Valve Replacement Surgery

Robotically assisted mitral valve surgery involves a laparoscopic, closed-chest approach that operates on the mitral valve and is carried out by a cardiac surgeon.

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Minimal Access Bypass Surgery…

Patients with limited cardiac arteries frequently need surgery to bypass the restricted arteries. This procedure is often conducted through a big breastbone incision. Depending on the number of bypass grafts implanted, most patients refer to this procedure as CABG, "triple bypass," or "quadruple bypass." This is a terrific procedure that makes patients…

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Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Cardiac bypass surgery (Heart Bypass Surgery) is a surgical procedure that improves the blood supply to the heart. It is performed when the heart is not receiving enough blood supply to function properly due to one or more blockages. 

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Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery…

A Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery lobectomy is a minimal-invasive surgical procedure performed to remove a lobe from the lung. The procedure is done via one to three minor cuts, which are only a few centimeters long on the side of the patient’s chest (in contrast to an open-chest surgery). During this procedure, the surgeon places a camera via…

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Surgery for Lung Cancer and Lung…

Lung Surgery collectively comprises removing lung tissue for repairing the damaged lung, doing a biopsy with the purpose of delaying cancerous growth or also removing additional material such as blood from the lungs or fluid build-up. Lung surgery is sometimes performed to eradicate the side effects of different procedures, for example, when blood…

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Endoscopic Closure of ASD and…

Health problems might arise from a hole between the two upper collecting chambers (ASD) or the two bottom pumping chambers (VSD) of the heart. The severity of the symptoms is determined by the size and position of the abnormality and can range from none to severe heart failure. A baby's heart failure causes poor feeding and weight gain, and heart failure…

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Left Ventricular Assist Device…

A mechanical pump implanted in individuals with heart failure is known as a left ventricular assist device. It assists your heart's bottom left the chamber in pumping blood from the ventricle to the aorta and body. That's why it's known as a Left Ventricular Assist Device.

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Heart Transplant/ Heart-Lung Transplant

The heart-lung transplant is a major surgery in which a person's damaged heart and lungs are replaced with healthy organs from a donor. When all other treatment options have been exhausted, it is administered to people with both heart and lung failure. Very few acceptable donor organs are available for such a surgery, and precedence is often given…

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Valve Sparing Root Replacement

Aortic root replacement with valve-sparing is a highly specialised procedure that fixes the part of the aorta closest to the heart (the aortic root) while leaving the patient's natural aortic valve intact. Aortic root disorders occur and are found commonly in those people who have High Blood Pressure issues.

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Bentall Procedure

An ascending aortic aneurysm or an aortic root aneurysm combined with aortic valve dysfunction is surgically repaired using the Bentall procedure. Repairing aortic dissections that damage the aortic root and valve is a less prevalent use.

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Endoscopic Valve repair/ Replacement…

In this surgical procedure, a small incision is made in your heart's left side so that the surgeon can repair or replace the mitral valve. After leaving the lungs, blood enters the left atrium, the heart's pumping chamber, and the left ventricle, the heart's final pumping chamber, receives the blood next. The mitral valve separates these two chambers…

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Robotic CABG

Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery is performed to increase the heart's blood flow in individuals with closed coronary arteries. Robotic CABG is a newer, minimally invasive surgical procedure. It is a less intrusive alternative to traditional open heart surgery, which involves sawing the sternum or breastbone in two. It employs a camera in…

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Heart Valve Repair & Replacement

The human heart has 4 valves that are responsible for controlling blood flow through the heart. Valves can be damaged or affected by disease, in which case they will need to be repaired or replaced. Damaged valves can be repaired by the placement of a special ring, while artificial valves are used to replace valves that are damaged beyond repair. While…

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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery…

Also referred to as keyhole surgery, MICS is a surgical option that requires much smaller incisions on the body, reducing the risk to the patient and the time needed for recovery. Using advanced surgical apparatus, a surgeon is able to perform complex cardiac surgeries like Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) without compromising accuracy.

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Thoracic and Vascular Surgeons in Bangalore

Manipal Hospitals' dedicated team of world-renowned pediatric heart surgeons treat several heart defects in newborns, infants, children and adolescents. From heart transplantations to implantations, the success of Manipal Hospitals' pediatric heart surgeons is due to the combined multidisciplinary approach, focus and dedication to charting the best course of treatment for every pediatric patient. The testament to this effort is the number of cases referred to Manipal Hospitals from all across the country and the world. Manipal Hospitals, Yeshwanthpur is providing the best treatment, visit today.

Manipal Hospitals' Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic Surgeons are experts on a plethora of both adult and pediatric cardiothoracic and vascular surgical procedures.
Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery department specializes in treating heart CABG, LV aneurysm repair, total arterial revascularization, repair of ventricular septal rupture, aortic aneurysm surgeries, heart valve repair and replacement, redo cardiac surgery, emergency lung resection for massive hemoptysis, tracheal reconstruction, and revascularization for acute limb ischemia.  Manipal Hospitals, Yeshwanthpur, provides a range of treatment procedures to properly treat various heart and lung diseases.

Cardiovascular treatment in Bangalore

Facilities & Services

With state-of-the-art imaging facilities at Manipal Hospitals, continuous post-operative care has been the heart of every condition treated, some of them are, Common cardiac surgeries for adults include Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), Valve Repair and Replacement, Surgery for Ischemic Mitral Valve, Regurgitation and Post Infarct Ventricular Septal Defects, DOR Operation for left, Ventricular Aneurysms, Redo Surgery for Valve Replacement and CABG, Grown-Up Congenital Heart (GUCH) Operations Common Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries include Open Heart Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects such as Ventricular Septal Defect and Atrial Septal Defect, Complex Defects including tetralogy of Fallot, single ventricle, transposition of great arteries (TGA), Ventricular Septal Defects, Cath based interventions, and assessment of Atrial Septal Defects, patent ductus arteriosus and device closure, Heart Surgery for newborn babies, Blocks in the blood flow (pulmonary stenosis, aortic stenosis, coarctation of the aorta), Cosmetic approaches for Congenital Heart Surgery Vascular Surgeries include Resection of cardiac myxomas, Endovascular Laser Therapy, Carotid Endarterectomy along with CABG, Peripheral Vascular Surgeries for Ischemic Limbs, Dialysis for Patients with Renal Failure Minimally invasive surgeries include Tricuspid valve repair and replacement, Atrial septal defect and patent foramen ovale closure, Maze procedure for atrial fibrillation, Saphenous vein harvest for coronary artery bypass, Mitral valve repair and replacement, Aortic valve replacement, Atrioventricular septal defect surgery and Coronary artery bypass surgery


A cardiothoracic surgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in surgical procedures of the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs in the chest. This includes surgeons who can be called cardiac surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, general thoracic surgeons, and congenital heart surgeons. Visit our cardiothoracic surgery hospital in Bangalore, visit today.

Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery is the medical speciality that deals with the surgical treatment of the body parts interior of the thorax (the chest), namely the heart, lungs, chest, oesophagus, and vascular system, including blood vessels, arteries, veins, and lymphatic circulation.

Vascular surgeons and cardiologists are highly skilled in their specialities, yet they are not the same. Cardiothoracic surgery deals with cardiac problems, whereas vascular surgery refers to circulation systems outside the heart. Visit our best cardiothoracic surgery hospital in Bangalore to know more.

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) is the most common form of cardiothoracic surgery.

Yes, the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association's guidelines for perioperative evaluation and management for non-cardiac surgery classifies thoracic surgery as a high-risk surgery. To consult with the experts, visit our top cardiothoracic surgery hospital in Bangalore.

Cardiothoracic surgery is an umbrella term that describes surgical operations done on the chest (thorax), including the heart, lungs, oesophagus, and other organs. A cardiothoracic surgeon practises both cardiac and thoracic surgery.

Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery can be both simple and complex, whatever be the procedure, Manipal Hospitals will be there with you every step of the way, helping you decide on the right treatment plan, providing the right post-operative care and recuperation assistance. Contact us to know more about the different cardiovascular thoracic surgery and book an appointment with one of our surgeons today

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