Surgery for Lung Cancer and Lung Infections

Surgery for Lung Cancer and Lung Infections In Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Lung Surgery collectively comprises removing lung tissue for repairing the damaged lung, doing a biopsy with the purpose of delaying cancerous growth or also removing additional material such as blood from the lungs or fluid build-up. Lung surgery is sometimes performed to eradicate the side effects of different procedures, for example, when blood removal is required from the lungs for some other surgical procedure.

Reasons why lung surgery is performed

Lung surgery could be required and performed for any one of the following reasons,

  • Removal of an excess build-up of fluid from the chest. This type of lung surgery is known as pleurodesis.

  • For the biopsy of lung tissue, if any irregular growth is observed.

  • Lung surgery can be done to remove a region of the lung, a complete lung section, or an entire lung that has been affected by cancer. It is important to understand that one can breathe normally with only one lung.

  • For replacing a lung, in case none of the other lung operation procedures can give the desired results.

  • To remove "pulmonary blebs," and prevent the lung from collapsing.

Conditions that May Require Lung Surgery

Conditions that may need lung surgery can range from typically severe and are done by a team of expert lung surgeons to prevent complications. Lung surgeries are usually required for the following  conditions,

  • Bronchiectasis: This condition involves recurrent infections within bronchial regions, which leads to thickening or scarring of the wall of bronchitis.

  • Interstitial disease: Lung tissue scarring can result in a lot of difficulties while breathing and could be related to other conditions, such as pneumonitis, asbestosis, connective tissue idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, or disorders.

  • Lung cancer: Cancerous tumours often need a biopsy which in turn requires a lung procedure.

  • Lung nodules:  Non-cancerous abnormal growths within the lung tissue.

  • Blebs: Minor cavities wherein air is stuck between the surface of the lung and the outer covering. Ruptures in the bleb can result in the collapse of the lung.

  • Collapsed lung: A condition often caused because of trauma from a deep wound.

Types of Lung Surgery

The two main lung surgery procedures are,

Thoracotomy: The surgeon has to make a small cut within the chest wall to reach and touch the lung tissue that requires removal or repair. It is a traditional method and also called open surgery. Thoracotomy is an invasive procedure in which the rib is removed, or the rib cage is separated, and the whole process takes between two to six hours. During the procedure, the patient is sedated with general anaesthesia. Manipal Hospitals is providing Surgery for Lung Cancer and Lung Infections In Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, visit today.

VATS or Video-assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery: This procedure is less invasive and allows quick recovery. The surgeon makes multiple small incisions within the chest wall. Multiple tubes are then inserted through the chest wall, one of which is a high-intensity light video camera, to remove the lung tissue. 

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