VATS Decortication and Pleural Surgery

VATS Decortication and Pleural Surgery In Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Empyema thoracis is a condition where a pus-like substance starts getting collected in the pleural space. This pleural space is also called the pleural cavity, and the cavity is present underneath the chest wall and between the lungs. This cavity is generally vacant, with the lung against the interior of the chest wall. However, in some cases, fluid can build up in this area, which is a serious problem of infection adjacent to the inside of the chest that can rarely be resolved without suitable medical treatment and drainage procedures. Empyema is typically a problem of pneumonia in patients.

Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) treatment procedure

VATS decortication is a kind of surgical procedure done for the removal of fibrous tissue that has uncharacteristically formed on the lung surface, diaphragm, or chest wall. Typically, a pleural space between the chest wall and the lungs is lined with a thin layer of fluid for lubrication. However, as mentioned already, certain issues can result in the excess fluid build-up that can lead to that can fill this space. The extra fluid build-up is termed pleural effusion. If this condition is not addressed, the extra fluid build-up can sooner or later get solidified and turn into a fibrous capsule that prevents and entraps the lung, resulting in breathing problems. Manipal Hospitals is providing VATS Decortication and Pleural Surgery In Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore.

Since the minimal invasive surgical procedures in thoracic surgery were introduced in 1990, Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) has been the go-to approach for most thoracic operations. The key conceptual change that resulted in this medical development was the understanding among medical experts that suitable intrathoracic visualisation can be achieved without a huge incision with the use of improved video equipment. It was also concluded that manipulative techniques could most often be altered to achieve the same results previously only via large incisions. In VATS, the patient is positioned on their side under general anaesthesia.


The VATs Decortication treatment procedure typically takes two to three hours to complete, and this procedure is typically done in the cardiothoracic operating room. Following are details of what happens during the VATs Decortication surgery,

  • Usually, the surgeon administers general anaesthesia. Post sedation, the doctor may put a breathing tube through the patient’s throat into their lungs and connect to a ventilator. This ventilator does the breathing job for the patient.

  • The surgeon makes a few minor incisions in the chest. Then the lungs are temporarily collapsed by the surgeon and move towards the side to enable the doctor to be able to access the affected area.

  • The doctor will insert a thoracoscope (a thin tube with a camera and a light) to examine the pleural space with a small incision.

  • When the affected is detected, the doctor makes a few minor incisions to skim off the fibrous pleural layer.

  • Once the pleural capsules are removed completely, the lungs are re-inflated.

After procedure

Post the surgical procedure, and the patient usually receives various medicines to help with the pain. Patients are administered long-acting oral pain medicines, NSAIDs, IV pain medication, and multi-level intercostal nerve blocks. 

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