Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery In Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Cardiac surgery in children is typically recommended to fix cardiac problems and to ensure the child's long-term health. Certain cardiac abnormalities may necessitate urgent surgery upon birth, and surgery is sometimes performed months or even years after birth. The severity of the illness determines the kind and number of procedures required. Paediatric cardiac surgeons are educated to provide dedicated and comprehensive treatment to youngsters and repair faulty hearts.

Patients are initially considered for minimally invasive therapeutic techniques. If they do not work, the medical staff is prepared to use more intrusive treatments to prevent contamination and decrease dangers. Manipal Hospitals is providing Paediatric Cardiac Surgery In Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, visit today.

Why is the procedure performed?

There are several forms of heart defects. While some problems originate within the heart, others damage the vast blood arteries that surround it. Sometimes, surgical surgery on the heart is required soon after the infant is delivered. There are some problems where the youngster can safely wait months or years before having surgery. The following are some general signs that surgery may be required,

  • Cyanosis is characterised by the appearance of blue or grey skin, lips, and nail beds. These symptoms indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood, a condition known as hypoxia.

  • Problems with the heart rate.

  • Wet, congested, or fluid-filled lungs that cause breathing difficulties

  • Growth issues include poor eating or sleeping habits, as well as the child's delayed growth or development.

Need for expertise in Paediatric Cardiology

Despite being extremely experienced and knowledgeable, conventional cardiologists frequently have difficulties operating surgically on children and infants. It is because children's anatomy is significantly more sensitive than that of adults. They require specialised care that understands and operates in accordance with their delicate bodies and limited immune systems. Book an appointment today for the best treatment facilities.

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery professionals have extensive experience treating children and infants with serious heart conditions like tetralogy and transposition, as well as rare conditions like Ebstein anomaly, truncus arteriosus, tracheobronchial anomalies, and pregnancy-related conditions. This enables them to ensure that the cardiac health in children remains well while curing their ailments.


The breaking of the news of surgery to a child might be extremely difficult considering their lack of understanding of the situation as well as the ambiguity of the process. Here it becomes extremely important for the parents to psychologically prepare their children for the surgery and help them relax their fears.

It is critical to have open and clear lines of communication, and older children may question the method more than younger children. Make sure your responses are comforting, straightforward, and honest. If you are unsure about the answer, you can seek assistance from the doctor or the nursing staff, as they have in-depth expertise in such surgeries and will provide adequate help.

Tell them about the operation and what will happen during and after the surgical procedure. Continue to reassure the youngster that any pain they are experiencing may be relieved by medication and treatment. Inform them that you will be present at all times and that the physicians and nurses will take additional care of them following the procedure.

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