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Posted On Dec 05, 2022

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What is International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Health Day (IMD) is celebrated on 19th November. The concept of celebration of International Men’s Day was founded by  Dr Jerome Teelucksingh in the year 1999, to celebrate manhood and the many positive roles men play in our lives. The celebration is marked to appreciate men and also to create awareness around the health of boys and men in our lives. 

Why is it Important to Celebrate Men's Day?

Men as brothers, fathers, sons, friends, husbands, play so many roles in the community and for a community to flourish it is important to care for their men. Men face a series of health challenges that need to be addressed in order to support communities and have them function to their fullest potential. Some of the most concerning statistics around men’s health include,

  • Men have 3 times higher suicide rates than women globally 

  • Domestic violence has impacted 1 in 3 men, and is a fairly widespread issue even for men.

  • Compared to women, men are likely to have a shorter lifespan by upto 5 years. 

  • Men are twice as likely to suffer from heart issues as women, and this is alarming.

  • Accidental deaths, and unintentional injuries leading to fatalities are recorded more in men than women.

  • Statistical evidence shows alcoholism and respiratory diseases have gripped a higher number of men than women, on a global scale. 

How do we Celebrate Men’s Day?

Since 1999, the ways of celebrating International Men’s Day have changed and evolved with activities including public seminars, forums, conferences, festivals and fundraisers, classroom activities at schools, Movember fundraisers, Parliamentary speeches, government observances, radio and television programs, church observations, prayer meetings, award ceremonies, special retail promotions, photos & film competitions, music concerts & art displays, and peaceful awareness marches. What has remained the same is the core essence of the day, and the idea of celebrating the men in our lives. 

At the individual level, each of us have shared an important bond with the boys and men in our life. Be it our sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, fathers-in-law, uncles, mentors etc. The patriarchal construct of our society has often acted as a barrier for men to open up or pay attention to their needs and pushed them to the edge. A lot of mental health issues and even physical health issues go unnoticed or are shrugged off owing to the need of manning up. Hence, the celebration of International Men’s Day is a way of encouraging and empowering men, to care for them and to promote their health and well being and it can be better found in the best multispeciality hospital in Jaipur. Mental Health is of prime importance for any community as the men play an equal role in maintaining healthy relationships and hold the fort for the foundation of a family with the women.

Since, men are statistically considered as the silent sufferers of mental health and twice less likely to seek medical help in case of depression, it is important to promote a healthy discussion around their mental health. At Manipal Hospitalwe have some of the finest psychiatrists and mental health experts that provide confidential support and care for the patients and help them regain confidence in their personal lives for healthy relationships. 

Another big challenge to men’s health is Prostate Cancer.Prostate Cancer impacts the prostate gland in the human male body. This gland is responsible for the production of seminal fluid, which plays an important role in the transport of sperms. Prostate cancer not only impacts the sex life of the men, it can also claim lives. For optimal health, men above the age of 40 should go for regular health check up at least once in every six months with a urologist to ensure overall health and well being. Family members should encourage the same and book appointments for their loved ones to show support. At Manipal Hospitals, we have some of the best urologists in Jaipur, for all your health needs. 

Men’s health is also human health, men are as much an important part of the society and community as women. Each forming a foundational unit of family and community and in turn building a nation. Men’s health is a multifaceted concern, which requires comprehensive care. A few specialities which can be counted upon for Men’s health include Cardiology for heart health, Psychiatry for mental health and psychology, Urology for all of their genital health aspects and Pulmonology for respiratory health. In order to value the men in our lives, it is important to show them love, but it is more important to encourage them to seek correct and timely medical help for their health needs. Regular health check-ups and taking good care of health are one of the best ways to ensure they feel valued. Manipal Hospital Jaipur is a multispecialty hospital equipped with the latest medical technologies, testing facilities and best doctors in the region. 

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