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UBE Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery Hospital In Jaipur

The Centre of Excellence for Spine Care at Manipal Hospital Jaipur is one of the few centres in India offering UBE Spine Surgery. The Unilateral Biporatal Endoscopy procedure offered at Manipal Hospital Jaipur is minimally invasive, has a faster recovery rate & leads to early mobilization of patients.

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Why Manipal?

The Spine Care Centre at Manipal Hospital Jaipur is one of the pioneering & most advanced centres for Spine Care in India. The UBE Spine Surgery team at Manipal Hospital Jaipur hails world-renowned expertise, state-of-the-art technology, a highly trained team & a world-class doctor. The Spine Care team implements minimally invasive treatment, pre & post-treatment procedures, pain-reducing, recovery-accelerating procedures for the patient to provide them with the best possible treatment & care. Hence, Manipal Hospitals is regarded as the Best Spine Hospital in Jaipur.  

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Treatment & Procedures:

The Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic (UBE) Surgery is a minimally invasive spinal surgery. The procedure is carried out using general or regional anesthesia. It is best for those with neurogenic claudication and persistent Lumbar canal stenosis (reduced walking distance due to pressure on spinal nerves).

UBE involves making 2 skin holes (4mm, and 15 mm each) which are used to insert Endoscopic & spinal instruments respectively. The whole procedure is done under continuous irrigation & high magnification making it very safe & efficient compared to open or microscopic spine surgery. Since it is a percutaneous procedure there is minimal injury to the surrounding normal muscles & tissues, this leads to faster recovery, less post-operative pain & early mobilization of the patient. 

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The Spine Care Center implements treatments suited to individual patient's needs, including minimally invasive, pain-reducing, recovery-accelerating procedures for a range of orthopaedic and neurological conditions affecting the spine and spinal cord. With world-renowned expertise, state-of-the-art techniques, scientifically-backed treatment and the precedent of successful complex spine surgery stories will make the Spine Care Center of Manipal Hospitals recognized as one of the best in the country.

Manipal Hospital relies on precise diagnosis and suitable treatment and methodological management of the wide array of spinal ailments. Experienced in the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques, Manipal Hospitals render help to thousands of patients with both common and complex back & neck conditions. Consult the Best Spine Specialist in Jaipur or get the latest UBE Spine Surgery in Jaipur India at Manipal Hospitals.

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