Surgery for your Child: Are you Scared?

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As a parent, it is most painful to see our loved child suffering from an illness and our worries get compounded when someone suggests that your baby will need surgery. How will he bear all the stress; he is so small? What will we do about all the pain? Can we somehow avoid the surgery or at least delay it? Is anaesthesia safe for such small children? Will this have a long term effect on the children? Will there be a scar? Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths floating in the society which discourages you from undertaking the surgery. Lots of close ones will load you with all kinds of opinions, most of which will be baseless. There is good news. With all the medical advancements we have reached a stage where we can say with confidence that surgery for your child is absolutely safe. The dedicated team of Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Urology in conjunction with qualified Paediatric Anaesthetists, Paediatric Intensivists and Neonatologists at Fortis Escorts Institute, Faridabad provides the most comprehensive and modern surgical facility for your child and you know that he or she is in the best hands.general

Are there special surgeons for children? 

Yes, small children have their own unique body structure, function and a different set of problems. A paediatric surgeon is a surgeon specially trained to operate on most of these conditions which affect children. During their training, they acquire the skill to handle delicate babies and to reduce risks and stress to minuscule levels. Consult with the best paediatricians in Dwarka for all the surgical options.

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Is anaesthesia safe in children?

With recent medical growth and improvement, anesthesia in pediatric patients or children has become absolutely safe and patient-friendly. It does not cause any distress to the child and your child does not remember any event during the surgery. It has no long term complication and leaves no residual effect except for a pleasant experience.

Can we delay or avoid surgery?

As a paediatric surgeon, our first endeavour is to not operate on your child, as long as it is not absolutely essential. But in certain cases delaying or avoiding surgeries may result in irreversible damage to the child’s organs and it is certainly not advisable to do so. A testis not at its original place or a kidney which is obstructed, if not operated in time will lead to permanent loss to that organ. Have a chat with the paediatric surgeon and he will explain to you exactly what needs to be done and when. 

Will there be a pain to the child?

Anaesthesia today not only covers the duration of surgery but also provides excellent pain relief in the post-operative period. We have dedicated paediatric and neonatal (nursery) intensive care units which take care that your child has the most pleasant recovery after the surgery. Visit Manipal, the best Pediatric hospital in Dwarka, Delhi to have the pain free surgery for your child.

What are common conditions which require surgery in childhood?

The list of common pediatric surgeries includes hernias and hydroceles, undescended testis (one or both testes not in their proper place in a male child), phimosis (inability to retract the penile foreskin) etc. But apart from this a paediatric surgeon also manages a wide variety of problems like birth defects (cleft lip and palate, hypospadias, fused fingers etc.), urological problems (swelling or obstruction in kidneys, recurrent urinary infections etc.), childhood cancer (liver, lung, kidney and bladder tumours in children), chest and abdominal diseases (acid reflux, cyst inside the abdomen or chest), trauma cases as well as surgery for new-borns. With smaller instruments, it is now possible to perform laparoscopy and thoracoscopy in new-borns and small infants too. Apart from that many urological problems can be dealt with endoscopy too (incision-less surgery). Even the open surgeries are closed with fine sutures and leave minimal or no scars.

In short, even if your child needs surgery, leave your fears apart. Surgery in children is absolutely safe. We endeavour to provide the best possible care to your child and ensure a smooth and rapid recovery.


 Dr. Arvind Sabharwal

Consultant - Pediatric Surgery

Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, Delhi

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