Does Plastic Surgery Affect The Heart

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Plastic surgery like any other surgery involves certain risks and complications. However, each patient should be aware that any treatment carries risks, regardless of the specialty in which the intervention takes place.

The main risks and complications of plastic surgery are the rejection of implants, sensory disorders, abnormal skin color, tissue necrosis, asymmetry, scarring, thrombosis, bleeding, pain and allergic reactions to the anesthesia. Moreover, even working in a sterile space can lead to infection.

The possibility that an infection occurs is actually small, usually less than 1%. Sometimes abnormal bleeding or wound healing are present. The heart is the least likely organ to be affected by a plastic surgery. Though highly unlikely, it cannot be ruled out as a complication.

Usually, the consequences of these complications can be corrected by one or multiple additional operations but in some exceptional cases, it can lead to an injury or even death.

Everything possible is obviously done in order to minimize the risks and complications. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude luck. It is, therefore, important to understand and accept that there is a possibility of complications.

Before undergoing surgery, it is very important to be well informed. Your doctor is the best source of information and will provide a comprehensive explanation of the general risks of an intervention but in particular, it is he who can estimate your individual risk.

Reduce the risk of complications

Complications are more common in smokers. Therefore, we recommend that you stop smoking at least three weeks before the surgery or not to smoke for at least three weeks prior to the intervention. A state of diminished overall health, overweight and age are also factors that increase the possibility where risks may arise. Certain diseases, medication use, and drug use can lead to an increase in the possibility of complications.

Please consult your doctor in complete confidence. It is important that your doctor is well informed. The most important thing to ensure is your health and safety before any kind of surgical procedure.

The doctor will inform you during the consultation of the risks and possible side effects of a particular intervention. Before you undergo an intervention, it is extremely important that you fully understand the possible risks and side effects. Do not hesitate to go for a complimentary consultation for more information. A second informative consultation is usually free.

Previously, cosmetic surgery was always carried out under anesthesia. Modern anesthetics also continue to  have an increase in the chances of side effects like sweating, an increased potential for nausea, memory loss, decreased libido etc. to occur.

It is very necessary to do everything possible to limit the risks, side effects, and complications as much as possible. Also, regarding the method of anesthesia, the safety and health always come first.

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