9 Common Dieting Mistakes

The first thing that comes to your mind when you plan to lose weight is “DIETING.” Yes! “Dieting can be the only game where you win when you lose.” Fat loss is a long journey. We make it even slower by following incorrect dieting methods. So, avoid the common dieting mistakes that most of us do. What are the mistakes that we commonly do while dieting? This blog gives you an idea about it and helps you to avoid them.

  1. Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it is recommended not to skip the breakfast during the weight loss schedule. A good breakfast boosts up your metabolism and keeps you full throughout the day making you crave less for snacks in between. So, it is important to start your day with a healthy breakfast.

  1. Avoiding caffeine

Most of us would love to have tea and coffee, but during a diet plan, we often avoid them. Do not do that, as caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that revives your metabolism 5 to 8 percent. Researchers also believe that antioxidant present in the tea provides a boost up during dieting.

  1. Crash dieting

Yes! Crash dieting can give you a good result in a quicker time. But did you ever think of the harm it does to your body? Crash diet or Restrictive diet burns off fat along with the lean muscle and tissue and also slows down your metabolism. When on a crash diet, our body turns on the calorie saving mode, thus, storing all calories as fat. So, for a healthy weight loss, don’t follow crash dieting.

  1. Losing track of what you eat

Keep a track on what all you eat in a day. Let it be the piece of food you eat from your friend’s plate, a cake piece that you eat in a birthday treat, etc. Adding up unhealthy food to your healthy diet plan may also slow down the weight loss.

  1. Avoiding snacks

It’s a blunder if you think you’ll lose weight by cutting down all of your snacks. Munching on healthy snacks in between meal times keeps hunger at bay, letting you eat fewer calories at meals. It is also believed that snacking on healthy snacks boosts up your metabolism and maintains your blood sugar levels leading to a quick weight loss.

  1. Neglecting exercise

Dieting just can’t take you to your destination. If you want quick weight loss, good physical activity is necessary for burning out the calories and improving your metabolism. Therefore, never stop exercising, perform regular exercises which you enjoy, like dancing, swimming, cycling, etc.

  1. Lacking enough sleep

If you sleep well, you will lose your weight well. For creating ideal fat loss conditions for your body, you must manage your stress levels and see to it that you have sufficient rest or sleep; these conditions would be helpful for boosting your weight loss.

  1. Cheating on your diet

To satisfy your craving, you can have a cheat day, on which you can eat what you want, but eating too much at a time on cheat diet days can add up more calories at a time and make you feel sick or bloated. So, do not cheat yourself on a diet cheat day.

  1. Eating at late hours

Eating before 7 pm is ideal when you have a plan of losing weight. Eating after 7 pm may pose a risk of acidity, bloating, or other consequences. Even though you are not on a diet plan, you must always be early to food and early to bed.

So, when you plan a dieting program, please do avoid the above silly mistakes. Make a good diet plan, follow it and the results will knock your door.

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