7 Ways Exercise Can Help Cure Depression

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

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Exercise has always catered to the fitness requirements. Exercise relieves stress and builds greater physical strength and induces flexibility in the body. However, there is one more significant aspect related to exercise. Apart from boosting the physical capability of the body, exercise also caters to emotional and psychological issues, dealing with cases of depression and anxiety with utmost efficacy. The following are some of the main psychological benefits of exercise:

Releases brain chemicals

The most positive aspect of any workout session is its ability to release certain chemicals into the body, either intended towards faster metabolism or simply for soothing the nerves and calming down the brain. These chemicals or hormones, often help boost the brain towards a more positive state, thus helping to fight depression on a massive scale.

Lowers your blood pressure and immune system chemicals

Depression is usually triggered by certain chemicals in the system, which adversely affects significant parts of the brain, thus creating an overflow of negative emotions. Exercise helps control the outlet of these chemicals into the body and facilitates the immune system with better and more productive chemicals, thus providing for a healthier lifestyle.

Removes negative thoughts from your mind

Although exercise might seem the last option that one would actually consider in case of depression, it is the primary factor which caters to the elimination of depression of any individual. Workout sessions and intense exercises focus your brain on more important things, thus taking your mind off the negative aspects that might be affecting it.

Warms up the body

Though there is no relative suggestion as to why exercise brings relief to anxiety and depression issues, it has however been noticed that it warms up the body, and provides for a certain non-anticipated calmness on the whole.

Inculcates a sense of confidence

It is easy to see that people gain confidence from staying fit and possessing a great body shape. It is not difficult to understand the psychological boost that comes within an individual once he/she starts to feel good about themselves.

Brain activity increased

We cannot miss mentioning the fact that exercise helps in circulation of oxygenated blood to various parts of the body including the brain. This helps in effective functioning of the different areas of the brain, ultimately leading to better brain activity. This activity triggers positive potential inside a person, thus boosting their morale to quite a great extent.

Sharpens the mind

Regular exercise has a positive effect on your cognitive abilities and prevents your neurons from degenerating. Studies have shown that regular exercise causes the hippocampus to increase in size. The hippocampus is responsible for verbal memory and learning. Exercise also stimulates the release of chemicals called growth factors. These are responsible for the health and growth of the cells in your brain.

Exercise might seem like a surprising way to deal with depression, but it is immensely effective in this regard and has the added bonus of boosting a person’s overall health.

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