5 Things You Should Know Before An Organ Transplant

Posted On Dec 27, 2019

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Organ transplant is a life-changing procedure that can give a second chance to recipients. However, it is very important to know few things which can help make the procedure successful.

A team of doctors on your side :

After transplant, most recipients have a specialist to monitor their particular foreign organ in every three or four months or even after years. For example; kidney transplant recipients get a nephrologist to monitor their kidney health. However, recipient should also have other specialists on his/ her health care team.

Share everything:

After the transplant, health problems may develop, which you may think would go away with time. However it can be related to your transplant and lead to serious health issue. Hence, share every single thing about your health with your health care team in order to eliminate the problem.

Minimize exposure to germs:

Every transplant recipient is at a high risk of developing infections after transplantation because of immunosuppressant medications. Hence, minimizing exposure to germs can reduce the chances of infection.

Keep stress at minimum:

For transplant recipients, it is necessary to keep low stress level. Stress can have bad effects on the immune system, which can ultimately have bad consequences on the overall health of transplant recipients. Few of the strategies which one can follow to lower down the stress level are; reducing fatigue, avoiding conflicts, focusing on positive things, join a faith community.

Talk to other transplant recipients:

By sharing experience with other transplant recipients, one can easily discover everything about what to expect and hence, prepare himself/ herself for the life post-transplant procedure.

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