VATS Lung Surgery

VATS Lung Surgery

VATS Lung Surgery in Bangalore

Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) is also called Pleuroscopy, thoracoscopy, or thoracoscopic surgery. It is a minimally invasive type of surgery and is performed in the chest region. A thoracoscopy is used combined with a video camera attached at one end that helps the surgeon to view the entire surgery on a connected screen.

3 incisions measuring about one inch in length are made in the chest cavity. The thoracoscope is inserted through one of the incisions, and the instruments needed for the surgery are inserted through the other two incisions.  

The advantages of this procedure are listed below.

  • Smaller-sized cuts as compared to the 6 to 8-inch cuts normally given in conventional surgical methods.

  • Lesser pain.

  • Quicker recovery periods.

  • Shorter stays in the hospital.

Although all thoracic surgeries that are traditionally performed can also be performed with VATS, the oncology surgeon still considers the best plan of action to handle the removal of tumorous growths in the lung areas. Visit our cancer care hospital in Bangalore for the best treatment

Types of procedures involved with VATS

  • Biopsy of lung tissue

A tiny incision is made between the ribs, and a small tissue sample of the lungs is removed for a biopsy. The examination is done for the presence of microbial infections or interstitial lung disease. Expert pathologists and microbiologists normally handle the biopsy examination. 

  • Pleural Effusion Drainage

The pleura is the thin membrane that encompasses the lungs and the entire chest cavity. When there is a fluid build-up of excess fluid (effusion) within the layers of the pleura, the procedure used to drain the fluid is called Thoracentesis. This fluid is analyzed for the presence of infectious microbes or kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, heart failure, etc. The surgeon may insert a local antibiotic or talc to avoid any more infectious fluid build-up.  

  • Thymus, Mediastinal, and Pericardial Thoracoscopies

These types of Thoracoscopies are done to evaluate the cancer damage brought about in the pericardium around the heart, Thymus gland and the mediastinal areas in between the lungs. Cancerous growths may be removed from these areas, too, with these thoracoscopies. 

  • Lobectomy with video assistance

Lobectomy means the removal of a large portion of the lungs that is cancerous. Three one-inch incisions are made with one 4 inch incision that gives easy access to the chest cavity. The surgeon then spreads the ribs apart to see what. With the help of the video camera viewing on a connected screen, the tumour is removed. Book an appointment to have the best treatment.

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