Cancer care hospital in Bangalore

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)

Cancer care hospital in Bangalore

This is a treatment for cancer in which anti-cancer drugs or chemotherapy drugs are pumped directly into the abdomen. The drugs are administered in large concentrations but are not very toxic to the body since they are not injected into the bloodstream. First, the chemotherapy drugs are heated to about 106 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit and then pumped. This allows better circulation of the drugs within the body.

HIPEC is commonly used to treat abdominal cancers that are difficult to be treated due to their location and severity, like colorectal cancer, cancer of the appendix, ovarian cancer, gastric cancer, mesothelioma of the peritoneum (often caused by breathing in too much asbestos), etc. Visit our cancer care hospital in Bangalore for the best treatment. 

The procedure lasts for about eight to ten hours after exposing the cancer patient to general anaesthesia. 

  • Cytoreductive surgery (CRS) is then carried out by the surgical oncologist to remove any tumours that are visible.

  • Then the heated chemotherapy drugs are administered into the abdomen to target the tumours that are not easily accessible. According to the oncologist, this step typically lasts about 30 to 120 minutes, depending on the combination of drug types. 

  • The patient is then rolled back and forth so as to distribute the drugs evenly throughout the body. 

  • The patient is kept under a cooling blanket so as to maintain the body temperature low during this time.

  • Once the drugs are allowed to get distributed within the body, the remaining excess drugs are allowed to drain out from the surgery cut. 

  • The patient is then kept in intensive care to recover fully. 

  • The recovery typically takes about 2 more days in the ICU, wherein the patient’s fluid levels are checked and maintained. The blood glucose levels and other electrolytes are also managed. 

  • For the wound to heal faster, insulin is normally administered in case the patient is diabetic. High blood sugar can cause a delay in the healing of the wound. 

  • Antibiotics are also administered for the surgery cut to heal and avoid any other complications.

  • The nutrition levels are normally kept going with IV fluids. Solid foods are started soon after to get a normal bowel movement. 

  • This is done outside the ICU, where the patient may be kept for up to 20 days, depending on the recovery rate. 

Some complications of HIPEC that occur are leaks from the intestines, kidney failure, pancreas swelling, decreased counts of bone marrow cells, and sepsis. The other visible symptoms that occur are fatigue, nausea, loss of weight, etc.  

Effectiveness of HIPEC

The effectivity of HIPEC differs from one cancer patient to another as the severity of cancer differs. Some cancer cells that are easy to be nulled allow the patient to live up to 6 more years after HIPEC treatment in the case of mesothelioma. It is also effective in colon and ovarian cancer, but the survival rates differ. Book an appointment to have the best treatment.

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