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Surgery for spinal tumors

Surgery For Spinal Tumors

Surgery for spinal tumors
A spinal tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue within or surrounding the spinal cord and/or spinal column. These cells grow and multiply uncontrollably, seemingly unchecked by the mechanisms that control normal cells. Spinal tumors can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Primary tumors originate in the spine or spinal cord, and metastatic or secondary tumors result from cancer spreading from another site to the spine.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Our distinguished multidisciplinary team of neuro experts is especially trained in performing the most intricate of surgeries to treat spinal tumours in an environment of care and compassion so our patients experience minimal discomfort.

Solutions in spinal tumour surgeries
Intramedullary tumors (like astrocytomas, ependymomas, and hemangioblastomas) arise within the substance of the spinal cord itself. The usual treatment for these tumors is surgical excision. The goal of surgery is to completely remove the tumor while preserving a maximum of neurological function. Some of the procedures our neurosurgeons employ are
Posterolateral resection - our neurosurgeons use this procedure to remove spine tumors and reinforce your spine through an incision in the middle of your back; En bloc resection where a surgical technique is used to remove the tumor in a single piece; Metastatic Spine Tumor Surgery where surgical resection and/or stereotactic radiosurgery may have a chance for cure.

Number of cases
We have successfully performed a combination of spinal tumour surgeries in around 5 lakh patients.


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