Spinal Osteotomies

Spinal osteotomies

Spinal Osteotomies In Bangalore

Spinal osteotomies
A spinal osteotomy is a surgical procedure used to correct certain deformities of the adult or pediatric spine. These include the posterior column osteotomy (PCO), the pedicle subtraction osteotomy (PSO) and vertebral column resection (VCR).

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Proper spinal alignment is important for pain-free functioning of the spine. The gentle lordosis, or sway-back, of the lower spine and the neck are balanced by a gentle kyphosis, or hunch-back, in the upper spine. These curves work in harmony to keep the body’s center of gravity aligned over the pelvis. However, due to various reasons, the alignment becomes twisted and causes impairment in mobility. Our highly skilled neuro and ortho surgeons are adept at these procedures. The neurosurgeon makes an incision over the spine and exposes the bones of the spinal column. Then screws are inserted into the vertebrae above and below the area of bone removal. The heads of the screws are designed to accept rods. Once the vertebrae are realigned, rods are attached to the screws that were placed at the beginning of surgery. The rods hold the bones of the spine in the exact position achieved during surgery while they heal. Then the surgeon typically applies bone graft, or transplanted bone, over the vertebrae. The bone graft will fuse, or grow permanently together, with the vertebrae, forming one solid bone.

Number of cases
We have successfully performed more than 6 lakh spinal alignment surgeries across all age groups.


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