Flexible Bronchoscopy treatment in Bangalore

Flexible Bronchoscopy

Flexible bronchoscopy Treatment in Bangalore

This procedure helps doctors look inside the respiratory system, which includes the throat, lungs and nose, of a patient with the help of a bronchoscope, which is a soft tube with a torch and camera attached at the end, to diagnose lung diseases, cancer, infections and inflammation. During the procedure, images of the respiratory system are displayed on a monitor. Our Famous Pulmonologist in Bangalore will provide you with 360-degree consultation.

The procedure is generally recommended to patients who are experiencing difficulty in breathing, coughing excessively and seeing blood in their spit. Patients may sometimes require lavage (washing parts of the airway and lungs with a small amount of saline) during the procedure. The rinsed cells are then sent to the laboratory where exhaustive tests are performed on them. Additionally, this procedure is also recommended to remove a foreign object (that is blocking the airway) or a tumour. 

The doctor may put tools, such as suction device, probe, laser or needle via the scope to suction out mucus plugs or blood clots or heat or freeze tissues. These tools may also be used to stop bleeding or place a balloon or stent for widening the airway. Visit Manipal Hospital today for Flexible bronchoscopy Treatment in Bangalore.

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