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Pharmacy is one of the key departments in a hospital that is responsible for the procurement, storage, compounding, dispensing, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and distribution of drugs. Apart from that, competent pharmacists are also concerned with research in pharmaceutical science and education. In addition, pharmacists serve as a conduit between patients and doctors by disseminating drug information to the general public and all other healthcare professionals.

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Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals have a team of well-qualified pharmacists who are experts in the procurement, storage, preservation, packaging, compounding, preparation, and distribution of medicines. Our experts ensure that everyone gets the right medicines at the right time. Our staff not only provides medications and other healthcare products but also help people and society make the best use of them. We have a big pharmacy department that caters to various patients with different drug requirements. Being one of the biggest hospital networks in India, our pharmacy department is top-notch and serves both national and international patients. Book an appointment at our top multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore.

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The pharmacists at Manipal Hospital offer guidelines for buying medications, including chemical and biological ones as well as pharmaceuticals. In addition, they are in charge of producing and distributing medicines such as transfusion fluids, parenteral products, pills, capsules, ointments, stock combinations, and safe medication storage. Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals and experience the best pharmacy services in Bangalore.

Our pharmacists’ first concern is to ensure the welfare of the patients in all settings. They are experts in the supply of medication and other health care products, of assured quality, appropriate information and advice for the patient, and monitoring the effects of their use.

Pharmacy shop in Bangalore

Facilities & Services

The pharmacy department at Manipal Hospital offers several facilities that make it one of the best in the country.

  • Facilities for confidential conversations that cannot be overheard by others

  • Provision of general advice on health matters

  • Involvement of personnel in briefings for specific campaigns to ensure coordination of effort and consistency of advice

  • Quality assurance of equipment used and advice is given in diagnostic testing

  • Access to necessary monitoring equipment and facilities


Drug resistance is the ability of an organism, such as a bacteria, virus, or cancer, to overcome the effects of a drug prescribed to destroy it.

The management of drug use in hospitals and other medical facilities is the main responsibility of hospital pharmacies. In addition to that. Their objectives include selecting, prescribing, buying, delivering, administering, and reviewing drugs to improve patients’ outcomes.

The various types of pharmacies in a hospital are:

(i) Oncology pharmacy

(ii) Nuclear pharmacy

(iii) Geriatric pharmacy

(v) Personal pharmacy

(vi) Paediatric pharmacy

Various roles and responsibilities of a pharmacist include conducting health and wellness screenings, providing immunizations, overseeing the medications given to patients, and providing advice on healthy lifestyles.

Visit Manipal Hospitals and experience the best pharmacy services in Bangalore, Consult with our experts to know more.