• Nebulization is the process of administering medication directly to the lungs via mist inhalation with the help of a nebulizer.


Pre Procedure:

  • You are requested to carry the doctor’s prescription.

  • The medicine and the nebulizer kit will be indented from the hospital pharmacy.

  • There are no specific instructions to be followed before the procedure.


During Procedure:

  • Your child is settled comfortably in the Paediatric Emergency ward bed, where you and your child’s privacy is respected throughout the procedure. 

  • The medicine is added to the nebulization chamber.

  • The nebuliser mask is placed and secured around the child’s nose and mouth.

  • The nebuliser has to be held in an upright position to prevent spilling and promote better inhalation. 

  • You will be requested to manage and comfort the child while the nurse administers the medication.

  • The procedure will take about 5 to 10 minutes.

  • The mask is removed after nebulization is completed.


Post Procedure:

  • Your child will be kept under observation for 10 minutes.

  • You will have to monitor the child after going home.

  • In case of dry / sore mouth or throat, headache or rashes, please contact us immediately. However, this is very rare.

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