Pelvis fracture fixation in Bangalore

Pelvis Fracture Fixation

Pelvis Fracture Fixation

The pelvis is a ring of bones at the base of the spine. The pelvis is the area below the abdomen and between the hip bones. The pelvic fracture can occur in people of any age group. It is common in elderly patients with fragile bones. Youngsters in sports and other activities may become the victim of pelvic fractures during accidents and falling from height.

How do you treat a fractured pelvis?

The mild and stable pelvic fractures can be treated by resting and using walking aids like walking sticks, crutches, and a wheelchair to avoid bearing weight on your legs. Medications are prescribed to heal the bones.

The severe pelvic fractures are treated with surgeries like an external fixation. External fixation is used to stabilise your broken or damaged pelvic area. The metal pins or screws are inserted into your bones through small incisions into your skin. The pins and screws protrude out of another side of the pelvis and are attached to bars outside of your body. This way bones are held in the proper position to heal.

Advantages of External fixation

  • Simple and easy fixation.

  • The fixator can be adjusted with ease after the surgery.

  • Minimal bleeding during installation.

Disadvantages of External fixation

  • Extends the time of healing

  • Infection at the site of pins and wires entering the body

  • Inability to move bones through a full range of motion

How long does a pelvic fracture take to heal?

The pelvic fracture usually takes 8 to 12 weeks to heal. More severe fractures take longer than 12 weeks if you have any other medical complications that affect healing.

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