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Thyroid Scan

Thyroid Scan | Manipal Hospitals India


  • Thyroid Scan is a specialized imaging procedure for examining the thyroid, gland that controls metabolism. During this scan a radioactive iodine or 99mTc tracer is used to examine the structure and function of the thyroid gland. 


Pre Procedure:

  • You must inform the doctor of any history of allergy or asthma and your medical history. 

  • This procedure does not require fasting.

  • You must have plenty of water.

  • In case you have done this scan earlier, please carry your past reports / CDs.

  • You are advised not to wear any jewellery / ornaments on your neck as the imaging is done in the neck region.

  • You must avoid using mobile phone during the procedure.

  • If you know or think you could be pregnant, inform your doctor. Attending staff.

  • This procedure will take around 30 to 40 minutes.


During Procedure:

  • Technician will check history, explain the procedure and all the instructions you must follow during the procedure and obtain consent from you.

  • Small dose of radioactive IV injection is given and scan will be done 20 minutes later. You will have to wait in the injection room. 

  • After 20 minutes you will be taken for the scan. The scan duration is about 10 minutes.

Post Procedure:

  • Drink 2 litres of water for the rest of the day. This is essential to flush out the remaining radioactive medicine in the body.

  • You must stay away from pregnant women and children for 24 hours, to avoid radioactive exposure.

  • There are no dietary restrictions post the procedure and you may resume all normal activities too.

  • Reports will be issued the same day.

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