1. Fasting of minimum 2 hours. 

  2. Small dose of radioactive injection is given IV and whole body scan will be done one hour later. Please report to the attending nurse/technologist/physician in case of any previous history of contrast allergy 

  3. The initial part of the scan is a diagnostic CT wherein IV contrast is given, followed by PET imaging. The approximate duration of the scan is about 10-12 mins. 

  4. Blood test (S.Creatinine) is a mandatory requirement prior to this scan if the doctor has advised for a contrast CT(test should not be later than 2 months)

  5. Requested to bring all prior reports/old CD’s 

  6. Requested to stay away from pregnant women for a day

  7. Please inform the attending staff in case you are pregnant

  8. Reports will be issued the next day

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