Myocardial Infusion Scan TMT Stress-Instructions

Myocardial Infusion Scan TMT Stress-Instructions

This test is mainly to look at the blood supply of the heart, both during exercise and rest. In some cases, if the stress part of the scan looks normal, rest scan may not be performed.

  1. Fasting for 3 hours

  2. Can have light breakfast not later than 6.30 am (2 idlys/sandwich). No coffee or tea

  3. Should stop medications like Statins the previous night, tablets like Aten, metoprolol, Sorbitrate, Amlong to be stopped for 24 hours. Diabetic medications can be taken 

  4. Please bring along all old reports

  5. The IV line will be placed initially and the patient is made to walk on the treadmill till the target heart rate is achieved. A small dose of radioactive injection is injected IV during the peak exercise and scan is obtained after 45 mins

  6. Once the exercise part is over, the patient is advised to eat fatty food prior to the first scan(which is the stress scan)

  7. After the first scan, there is a gap of about 1 ½ hour and the second injection is given IV during rest and scan is obtained after one hour

  8. The scan time is about 15min each (both stress & rest)

  9. The report will be issued on the same day

  10. Please inform the attending staff in case you are pregnant

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