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Palliative care

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Palliative care

Palliative care is the holistic approach to cancer care that addresses the patient as a whole, not just their disease. It also means learning to manage the cancer symptoms and side effects. Consult the best oncology surgeons in Bangalore if you have planned for palliative care for yourself or a loved one. 


Why choose Manipal Hospital

The aim of palliative care is to give you relief from pain and discomfort when you have a serious illness such as cancer. At Manipal,  we call it patient-centric supportive care or symptom management where the patient’s comfort is prime to our treatment strategy. Our palliative care experts are skilled in the art of pain management and treat patients with kindness and compassion.


Solutions in palliative care

Patients may start palliative care at any stage of cancer more so as soon as they receive a diagnosis and begin treatment. You don't have to wait until your disease has reached an advanced stage or when you're in the final months of life. In fact, the earlier you start palliative care, the better it is to improve your quality of life.


The success of palliative care

Most cancer patients are at the most vulnerable stage of their life. Palliative care helps them manage depression, anxiety and fear.

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