Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG)

This procedure is recommended to people with:

  • Morbid obesity (due to BMI≥35)

  • High appetite

  • Obesity-associated diseases

Sleeve gastrectomy is an hour-long procedure and involves laparoscopy to make several small incisions on the patient’s abdomen. With the help of this procedure, doctors can remove nearly 75% of the patient’s stomach, thus giving it a ‘sleeve’ like appearance. In other words, the procedure helps a person restrict their food intake by limiting the release of ghrelin (hunger hormone) and reducing the size of the stomach (which gets converted into a small pouch). 

While the ability of the stomach to absorb large quantities of food diminishes, its functions and nutrient absorption capacity remain unaffected. Sleeve gastrectomy is considered a safe procedure with only a few side effects in some cases. 

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