Precious First 60 Minutes During An Emergency

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The Golden Hour

It was any other day for the young mother who dropped her kids off at school. But while she was crossing the road, a speeding truck crashed into her. The impact of the collision was so intense that she fell unconscious on the road and was drenched in a pool of blood.

Very often, we come across these types of incidents where people just crowd around as silent spectators. What we ignore is the precious time we waste before making the way for an injured person to reach the hospital.

Dr. R Adams Cowley,-The Father of Trauma Medicine, introduced the Golden Hour theory. He stated that if the patient reaches definitive Medical Care within 60 minutes of any injury, the chances of survival are better.

 “There Is A Golden Hour Between Life And Death

Where You Should Know What To Do!”

When The Medical Help Is On The Way, Assess The Person For The Following:

  • Do not move the person unnecessarily as you may cause further injury.

  • If you get to see severe bleeding, try to stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure on the bleeding area. If available, use icepacks to stop the bleeding. Do not use any tourniquets or bandages on the injured area.

  • Check the pulse of the person and breathing. If the person is not responsive and not breathing, perform Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR must be performed only by an individual who is CPR certified).

  • If the patient is unconscious, gently check for any available information such as ID card, and mobile numbers and try to inform their family/friend immediately.

  • If in the ID card, the blood group of the person is mentioned, inform the paramedic staff as soon as they arrive.

  • Be with the person until taken to the hospital or family members arrive so that you can give basic information about the incident.

  • Try to disperse the crowd so that the injured person can get enough ventilation.

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