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Robotic Assisted Surgery

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Hospital in Bangalore, Sarjapur Road

Robotic-assisted surgery is a new and advanced technology in the field of surgical treatment. The integration of robotic technology represents a ground-breaking approach where skilled surgeons use robotic arms to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency. These advanced robotic systems yield enhanced dexterity, pinpoint accuracy, and minimised invasiveness, leading to superior patient outcomes. Moreover, the minimally invasive nature of robotic-assisted surgeries guarantees reduced risk of complications and faster healing. Robotic-assisted surgeries are gaining popularity across various medical disciplines due to their transformative impact on patient care. Particularly in orthopaedics, the integration of robotics has led to significant advancements in procedures such as total knee and hip replacements. At Manipal Hospitals Sarjapur, Bangalore, a renowned institution committed to excellence in healthcare, expert orthopaedic surgeons harness the power of robotic technology to deliver state-of-the-art care to patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgeries.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Hospital in Bangalore, Sarjapur Road


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

At Manipal Hospitals, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, we offer affordable hip and knee replacement surgery. Expert orthopaedic surgeons are available at our hospital to offer you the best possible Robotic-Assisted Surgery. The reasons why you should choose Manipal Hospitals Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, include the following:

  • Use of advanced technology in surgeries
  • Availability of highly skilled and experienced surgeons
  • Comprehensive training programs for surgeons
  • Multidisciplinary approach to treatment
  • Proven track record in performing successful surgeries
  • The best-in-class patient-centric care
  • Continuous research and innovation in the medical field
  • Globally recognised for providing affordable and top-quality treatments.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Hospital in Bangalore, Sarjapur Road


Treatment and Procedures

Total Knee Replacement

The knee is a complex joint. It bears a lot of load. It is a well-organised system of bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and nerves. It works while we walk, crouch or even when we stand still. Diseases like arthritis, any trauma causing fracture, or any other condition damaging the knee can lead to a replacement surgery. Your surgeon removes the damaged part of the ligament, cartilage, and bone. They then suggest replacing it with a prosthesis.

At Manipal Hospitals, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, robot-assisted partial and total knee replacement surgeries are performed with great accuracy and precision. The Stryker MAKO Surgical Robot offers next-level precision beyond the limits of traditionally achieved outcomes. It has an accuracy that is much less than that of a millimetre. It helps the orthopaedic surgeon adhere to the defined area by providing visual guidance.

Who Needs Robot-Assisted Total Knee Replacement?

The indications for robot-assisted total knee replacement surgery are the same as those for traditional replacement surgery. Complicated cases can be easily done with robotic assistance. Doctors suggest a replacement surgery for patients who have unbearable pain that affects normal day-to-day activities. In advanced arthritis, the swelling and stiffness in the knee make the patient unable to walk. In such situations, to give patients a better quality of life, replacement surgeries are advised.


This surgery involves replacing all the worn-out surfaces of the knee joint with artificial implants (prostheses). The knee joint is exposed after the patient is put under general anaesthesia. The damaged bone is removed from the affected ends of the femur and tibia. The metal plates are used to replace the removed cartilage and bone to re-create the joint surface. A plastic spacer is placed between both metal surfaces so that the joint can work properly, minimising friction. The joint is closed, and the incision is stapled. An orthopaedic surgeon uses robotic arms and a magnified 3D view to perform the Robotic-Assisted Surgery.

Benefits of Robot-Assisted Surgery

The following are the key benefits of robotic-assisted total knee replacement:

1. Minimally invasive

2. Greater accuracy and precision

3. Increased dexterity for the surgeon to perform the procedure, taking minor details into consideration

4. Minimum postoperative pain

5. Quick recovery 

6. Shorter hospital stay

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a highly precise procedure. Even slight variations in alignment can affect the length of the legs and cause issues with mobility and posture. As robotic systems offer unparalleled precision, they allow surgeons to plan and execute the surgery with enhanced accuracy. Using Stryker MAKO Robot total hip replacement takes surgical precision to the next level. The surgery robot assists surgeons in achieving optimal implant positioning, ensuring stability and longevity.

Who Needs a Robotic-Assisted Total Hip Replacement?

Robotic-assisted total hip replacement is performed in patients experiencing unbearable hip pain, which can be caused by hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis or after a major trauma. If the pain doesn't go away from any medications or conservative approach and starts to affect quality of life, it's time for replacement surgery.


Robot-assisted hip replacement surgery is a multi-step process. Firstly, a CT scan of the affected hip is taken, and a 3D model is constructed. The doctors then study it. This model guides the surgeon during the procedure. 

The procedure begins with putting the patient under general anaesthesia. The surgeon begins by making an incision over the affected hip joint. The surgeons control robotic arms from their consoles. These arms translate the surgeon's hand movement into the operating field and remove the damaged cartilage and bone of the hip joint. It is then substituted with a bio-compatible prosthesis that functions like a normal hip. After the surgery, the patient is moved to a recovery room.

After-Care Instructions

In the recovery room, for the first few days, the healing, acceptability of the prosthesis, and signs of infection are looked out for. Later, the doctor advises the following:

  • Using assistive devices such as a splint or crutches for walking
  • Keeping the leg elevated
  • Regular medications to control pain and swelling
  • Limited weight-bearing activities
  • A balanced and nutritious diet
  • Physical therapy to improve flexibility and range of motion and muscle strengthening
  • Stick to your regular follow-up appointments to know the progress of your healing

Benefits of Robotic Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Apart from the advantages due to it being a minimally invasive surgery, other benefits include:

  • Reduced risks of leg length discrepancy
  • Reduced scarring
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Shorter hospital stay 
  • Precise placement of the hip implant with a reduced risk of hip dislocation
  • Less risk of injuring adjacent tissues
  • Increased longevity of the implant by reducing the risks of malalignment of the prosthesis
Robotic-Assisted Surgery Hospital in Bangalore, Sarjapur Road

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospitals Sarjapur Road strive to offer excellent care. Our seasoned team and modern equipment create a healing atmosphere across all units. Here are the amenities we provide:

  1. A 24*7 well-equipped emergency department 
  2. Advanced surgical theatres with robotic technology
  3. Advanced technology for diagnosis such as CT scans, MRI 
  4. The hospital has outpatient clinics. They provide specialised care in areas like cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, and oncology.
  5. A physical therapy and rehabilitation facility for patients recovering from joint replacement.
  6. An in-house pharmacy offering a wide variety of medications and pharmaceutical products for patient convenience.
  7. Nurses providing 24/7 care and support to patients.
  8. Well-equipped rooms with amenities ensuring patient comfort and convenience during inpatient care stays.


Surgeons who use the robotic system find that for many procedures it enhances precision, flexibility, and control during the operation and allows them to better see the site, compared with traditional techniques. It has fewer complications, such as surgical site infection, less pain, and less blood loss.

Robotic assistance is transforming surgical practices across various departments, from urology to gynaecology, cardiac care, and orthopaedics. In urological surgeries, such as nephrectomies and neo-bladder reconstruction, robotic systems offer unparalleled precision, while in gynaecology, procedures like hysterectomies and fibroid removal benefit from enhanced safety and efficiency. In cardiac surgery, robotic assistance facilitates valve repairs, CABG, and other intricate procedures, leading to quicker recovery times. Similarly, in orthopaedics, joint replacements and other surgeries are made more precise and efficient with robotic assistance.

Like any other surgical procedure, there are potential risks involved. However, complications are rare with skilled surgeons.

Yes. Patients can choose the type of surgery, but it depends on the medical condition and recommendation by the surgeon; patients may have the option to choose robotic surgery.

Here’s the estimated recovery time following a robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement:

  • Walking with assistance sooner (possibly within a day or two after surgery)
  • Less pain and stiffness in the early stages
  • Shorter hospital stay (potentially reducing it to 1-2 days)
  • Regain full mobility and function within 4-6 months or up to a year.
  • Resume normal activities like driving within 3-6 weeks.

The recovery time in robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacement is similar to that of Total Knee Replacement. However, in both cases, results can vary based on the patient’s specific medical history, health condition, and complications, if any.

Manipal Hospitals excels as the premier destination for Robotic-Assisted Surgery Hospital at Sarjapur Road, offering Knee replacement and total hip replacement. Book an appointment now.